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Which Are the Most Foreign-Friendly Cities in Turkey? - Royal White Property

Which Are the Most Foreign-Friendly Cities in Turkey? - Royal White Property

Wed, Jul 27, 2022, 12:43:14 AM

If you are planning to move to Turkey or want to live in the country for a couple of months, then this guide is for you. We have compiled some of the best cities that you may want to spend your time in.

The best part of Turkey is you can get to any city by plane in only an hour. In this way, you can visit every corner of the country without any challenge. However, it is also worth noting that as a foreigner, you may not want to love every city in Turkey.

Thus, choosing your new home matters a lot and we believe that the following information can contribute to this decision. Without a doubt, you will feel like you are home when you prefer one of our recommendations in the following.

It is also worth noting that all these cities are full of expats. You can easily find others of the same nationality with you and make friends. Moreover, the Turkish people ratio who can speak English in the following countries is much higher compared to the other cities in Turkey. So, let’s check out these cities together.

Most Foreign-Friendly Cities in Turkey

We have considered many metrics while choosing the following cities and recommending them to you. However, the most important metric was the happiness of expats living in these cities. We do not doubt that you are going to love the following cities a lot too.

If you are going to stay for a long term, then you can consider living in multiple cities. One or two months for each city will be enough for you to make the most out of them. However, we recommend living in Istanbul for at least three to four months to fully explore the city.

It is also worth noting that the purpose of your visit matters a lot too. For instance, Ankara is the capital city of Turkey, and it may be a better decision for those who visit Turkey for business purposes. If you are planning to enjoy the sea, sun, and sand, then Mugla, Izmir, or Antalya may be a better decision.


Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey, and it is the home for most expats living in Turkey. The city is located on both European and Asian continents and it is divided by a strain. These two parts offer two unique experiences to visitors and residents.

In addition to this, Istanbul has been an important city for many mighty civilizations throughout history. The city offers numerous natural, historical, and cultural beauties to its residents.

You may not want to miss your chance to live in such a beautiful city at least once in your lifetime. The biggest downside of Istanbul is it is quite crowded. More than 15 million registered residents are living in Istanbul. The population reaches 20 million with expats and visitors.


Antalya is the most popular tourist destination in Turkey. The city attracts the most visitors every year and these visitors generally come from the United Kingdom, Russia, Germany, and other Arabic countries.

You can find all kinds of attractions in the city easily. Moreover, Antalya is famous for its touristic districts. Whenever you get bored in Antalya, you can simply visit another district and enjoy a totally new texture and adventure.


Mugla is the second-largest city that attracts the most visitors. It is coming right after Antalya and is often preferred by English-speaking visitors. You can find plenty of expat neighborhoods in different districts of the city.

Just like Antalya, Mugla is also a popular holiday destination, and it is preferred by millions every year. If you are a European, you can easily find people from your country. Most expats living in Turkey prefer to invest in Mugla for real estate as well.


Izmir is the third-largest city in Turkey both in terms of tourists and population. This city is also located in the Aegean region just like Mugla. In addition to this, it is famous for being the castle of the opposition party.

People in Izmir love to party, drink all day, and enjoy their life. This is why it may be a great destination for many foreigners who are looking for a way to chill all day! Moreover, the city has plenty of tourist districts that attract millions of visitors every year.


Ankara is the capital city of Turkey and all the embassies in the country are located here. If you are going to engage in business activities, then it may be a great choice for you. All Turkish ministries are also located in Ankara.

You can easily create a robust network by simply living in Ankara. You can even meet people who are working for the government while you are sipping your coffee in any store.


Bursa was the capital of the Ottoman Empire, and it is famous for its natural and historical beauty. Although the number of expats living in Bursa is low, you can still prefer this beautiful city. If you are not going to live in Bursa, you should keep in mind that you need to visit here before you leave Turkey.

What About Other Cities in Turkey?

Turkey is full of natural and historical beauties that you need to see in your lifetime. However, not all these countries are suitable for foreigners to live in. Although you do not have to worry about your safety, you may not be able to find English-speaking locals in most of them.

On the other hand, we highly recommend visiting Eastern cities in the country. These cities totally have a different texture, and they open the doors of a new world to you. Living in such cities can lead to heavy cultural shock, which you may want to experience.

If you pick one of the six cities we have chosen for you, we assure you that you are going to have plenty of good times. Moreover, you can meet with other foreigners or expats living in the country in these cities.


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