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  • Turkey Real Estate For Sale

    Turkey is a large country located between Europe and Asia that has 7000 kilometers of Mediterranean, Aegean, and Black Sea. Turkey has multiple advantages such as landscapes, mass variety of cultures, exotic foods, and unique social makeup. Real estate in Turkey can be bought for a home for holidays, a property overseas or a retirement place. Real estate investments can be so profitable, especially in Turkey. 

    Where to invest in Turkey?

    Turkey has posted exceptional economic growth compared to Europe. Turkey also has a new project providing for investors to buy profitable places. Every year new projects rise to be in the market for investors. New places in near popular and financial places. Istanbul, İzmir and Antalya are one of the growing places of the industry to buy property. Cities in the Aegean region can have a return of %6 after expenses. Looking at other countries that has %4 returns Turkey has more profitable lands, also offering a strong return in purchases.

    Prime locations in Turkey?

    Istanbul has more sales than any other city in Turkey. It has the most population and demand in any other city as well. Istanbul is considered to be a heavy market area for investment. But also, the Aegean region has holiday locations that make it better for people who want warmer climates. Turkey can be a home of lots of projects and has a home of financial centers and corporate centers. Lots of flats can be used as corporate houses. Apartments located at the center of corporate and financial areas are the perfect locations for corporate flats.

    Where to buy a holiday home in Turkey?

    Turkey has warm seas such as the Aegean Sea. This brings up the advantage of holiday homes. A place where you can rest and relax. Both profitable and for you to use. According to statistics Antalya, Fethiye, Bodrum are the most popular places and most profitable places to buy. Villas with sea views and walking distance to everywhere can be found at these locations.

    Where to buy a retirement home in Turkey?

    If you are thinking about a permanent move to another country for retirement, Turkey has the best places for it. Properties in Muğla, Bodrum, and Antalya are the best places for retirement. They are providing relaxing beaches and happy townsfolk to live in. Also, they have fewer people so that places are not usually overcrowded.


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