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Fast Facts:
Ready Q4/2022
Suitable For Turkish Citizenship

Sur Yapı Antalya

Starting from
$ 80,000

Sur Yapı Antalya Overview and Details

The project rises in Kepez district, which is the first city that comes to mind when it comes to summer tourism in our country, as well as the important social areas of Antalya, which is home to many old settlements. It offers you all the possibilities of a modern city and all the beauties of nature. Its green area, magnificent weather, numerous natural beauties and important place in world tourism invite you here. A city is being established within the city, so to speak. Built in dazzling Antalya, the project contains everything you need together. Built on a giant area to serve as an independent city, the project fulfills the dreams of those who want to live a healthy life on the Mediterranean shores with its green areas and clean air. Many apartment types in the project, which vary in number and width, are suitable for all kinds of families, small and large. Many schools, hospitals and restaurants are close to the project. The project includes Pazar Street, which has branches of local and international brands and is 1.3 km long. Sur Yapı Antalya; offers you a unique life with its sea, air and activities. You can easily reach all regions of Antalya by the tram passing by the project; Everything you need is right next to you.

Turkey's largest urban renewal project, the project is being built on 1 million 300 thousand square meters, is located about 19 thousand housing units, 1.3 km long shopping street, school - museums and libraries, Chambers varies between 1 + 1 and 4 + 1, Outdoor and indoor swimming pools, Various sports facilities, Wide green areas, Special walking paths, Children's playgrounds, Outdoor and indoor parking spaces, Cafes and restaurants, 24-hour security and camera monitoring service


"5" km to the Mediterranean coastline

"6" km from Antalya city center

"17" km from the airport

"2" km from Akdeniz University Faculty of Medicine

"2" km to Özdilek Park Antalya Shopping Mall


This modern city established in Antalya adds tremendous value not only to your life, but also to your pocket, future, and the city in general with its investment value of 8 billion TRY. Achieving a first by bringing to life Antalya’s largest project and one of the largest urban regeneration projects in Europe spanning across an area of 1,300,000 m2 , Sur Yapı presents to you all the rewards of a modern city in the form of an unmatched big idea. Everything you may need has been meticulously thought out and punctiliously designed at Sur Yapı Antalya. Each individual at Sur Yapı Antalya, where technology, social life and nature unite in harmony, will enjoy the privilege of gaining advantages both today and in the future.

With a portfolio worth 8 billion TRY consisting of around 19,000 independent units, Sur Yapı holds the largest construction portfolio in Turkey, and has added value to life through its numerous projects in various sectors to touch the lives of individuals of all ages. It has carried out more than 130 projects across the 5 regions of the country, including power plants, factories, industrial facilities, and business centers. It has illuminated the lives of 300,000 people with its investments in energy. By constructing shopping malls that host 30 million visitors annually and promote a more modern and social Turkey, Sur Yapı has proudly made significant contributions the country’s economy. What are you waiting for? Now is the time to earn big with Sur Yapı, the reliable and pioneering company selected Turkey’s super brand in 2014-2015 thanks to its breakthroughs and innovative perspective. 


Providing a comfortable and enjoyable lifestyle for up to 70,000 people, Sur Yapı Antalya has created a large project that combines all the opportunities a modern city has to offer with mesmerizing natural beauty. Each detail of this project bears peace, comfort, aesthetics, and quality. The tram that awaits you with its doors wide open right outside your doorstep is ready to take you on a nature-filled excursion or a fun social adventure. The choice is yours. You can indulge in the serenity of nature by strolling through the vast city park humming with bird songs, or you can soak up the sun by the ponds and later cool down by taking a dip in the pool. If you’d like to experience the hustle and bustle of the city, you can visit the high-end stores dotted along Sur Cadde, then rest at a nice restaurant and spend quality time with your family and loved ones at one of the cafes in the area. This modern city has been delicately designed to meet the needs of you and your children. Everything you may need, including educational institutions, a hospital, a museum, and a mosque, all of which are accessible by tram, awaits you at Sur Yapı Antalya.


The Turkuaz Etabı at Sur Yapı Antalya offer you the natural environment you’ve been dreaming of with their bright blue ponds, lushgreen gardens and colorful flower gardens. Each of the 1,105 houses that make up the Turkuaz Etabı appeal to both the eyes and ears with their exquisite view of nature, the cheerful chirping of birds, and the soothing sound of water flowing in the pond. When you wish to distance yourself from the stress and hassle of the city, all you have to do is step outside your home to indulge yourself in nature. A life in which you can spend quality time with your loved ones under the shade of the surrounding trees, close your eyes and set your mind free by listening to the birds chirping, and savor the beauty of nature awaits you at Sur Yapı Antalya. Equipped with a closed circuit security system to ensure your safety at all times, these blocks offer a healthy lifestyle with outdoor and indoor swimming pools, a gym, and a pilates hall.


Living near an avenue is a good idea, but having a brand new avenue is a whole other experience. Sur Cadde is Antalya’s newest and largest avenue. Situated in the city center, Sur Cadde is 1.3 km long and has its own transportation system, making it a hotspot for both you and all of Antalya. Soon to become the new center of shopping, trade and finance in Antalya, Sur Cadde has everything you need for both your social and business life. With its world-renowned clothing stores, elegant restaurants, cafes, and banks, Sur Cadde will add flavor to your life while adding value to your future and investments.


Park Etabı invite you to open the doors to a lush and green world. Consisting of 6,417 houses and covering an area of 157,000 square meters, Park Etabı make up the largest city park in Antalya and they warmly welcome you with their remarkable natural beauties and neighborly atmosphere. If you’d like to enjoy a pleasant weekend with your family in the grand city park, which will be the largest in Antalya when completed, then you can head over to the picnic area right by your home. The street market, activity tent and grass fields offer an environment where you and your family can experience the warm neighborhood atmosphere you’ve been longing for. When you want to leave behind all the toils of daily life, you can enjoy the resting areas, peaceful ponds and green areas amidst nature that are at your disposal in Park Etabı. Park Etabı promise you a rejuvenating experience intertwined with nature!

Sur Yapı Antalya Project Video

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Sur Yapı Antalya Prices

Property Type Bedroom Bath SQM Range Price Range
1+1 1 - 55-76 $ 80,000 - $ 110,000
2+1 2 - 86-121 $ 130,000 - $ 180,000
3+1 3 - 118-133 $ 210,000 - $ 250,000
4+1 4 - 187-201 $ 250,000 - $ 300,000

Sur Yapı Antalya Unit Plans


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Sur Yapı Antalya Location


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