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Fast Facts:
  • Ready to Move
  • Vat: 0
  • Suitable For Turkish Citizenship
  • Ankara/Çankaya

Sinpaş Ege Vadisi

Starting from$151,000

VADİ APARTMENTS, the new stage of the Ege Vadisi, is now on sale for those who want to experience life at the top with its roof lounge area, Alaçatı Bazaar, Ankara's longest pool, a beach that you can use for 4 seasons and a wide wellness area!

"Turkey's first 4-season beach", which offers 365 days of swimming and beach pleasure, comes to life in the Ege Vadisi. "Alaçatı Bazaar and Aegean Restaurants", consisting of boutique stores where you can meet all your needs right next to your home, will make a difference in Ankara. Ege Vadisi promises to live life at the highest point of Ankara with its magnificent valley view and the roof lounge area, which stands out with its luxury standards.

The balcony pleasure of the Aegean met with the valley and city view of Ankara. Watching the unique view of the Ege Vadisi from its wide and spacious balconies will give you peace of mind. You will meet another life with the pleasure of balcony at any time of the day. Ankara's first and longest Four Seasons Beach is designed for you to enjoy the water in summer and winter. It will be good for you to swim in the 60-meter-long pool and relax on the beach.

The pleasure of watching the lake, valley, forest or city; In the Ege Vadisi! All the beauties of Ankara are in front of your eyes with its panoramic view that you can watch from your balconies and Roof Lounge. Our sample flat, which contains both functional and aesthetic elements, gives its visitors exactly the decoration tips they need. Our sample flat, which stands out with its modern and stylish decoration, also shows what it would be like to live in the Ege Vadisi.

Sinpaş Ege Vadisi Project Video

Sinpaş Ege Vadisi Prices

Property TypeBedroomBathSQM RangePrice Range
1+0Studio-89$185,000 - $220,000
1+11-62-102$151,000 - $298,000
2+12-91-147$195,000 - $400,000
2.5+12-168$365,000 - $438,000
3+13-137-185$315,000 - $490,000
3.5+13-188-204$415,000 - $425,000
4+14-215-220$455,000 - $620,000

Sinpaş Ege Vadisi Unit Plans

Sinpaş Ege Vadisi Location

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