Royal White Property
Why Royal White Property?

Why Royal White Property?

Wed, Jul 27, 2022, 12:43:11 AM

Royal White Property is an international real estate consulting firm for investors. As Royal White Property, we combine our experience and knowledge together with our expert team to ensure that our valued customers make the right decision for their investments. This way, we provide services beyond the expectations by safely creating valuable investments for the future.

Royal White Property has helped almost 500 clients from 10+ countries invest in over 100+ properties in Turkey. During this time we’ve grown in size and scope. You’ll find our offices Turkey, London, NY and Miami. But one thing has remained constant: Royal White Property’s dedication and passion for property consultancy in Turkey remains at the heart of everything we do, allowing us to exceed our clients’ expectations time and again.

Mr. M. Furkan Yüce provides his experties in real estate market. He has 7 years experience in the real estate market.

1. We Care About Customer Satisfaction

We bring the investment opportunities in Turkey together with our valued customers. We guide our customers in their investments for their future with our experience and ensure that they have trouble free experience with their investments. With our bargaining power in the real estate industry, we guarantee our customers affordable prices and conditions by offering unique investment opportunities.

2. We Appraise Your Investments in the Best Possible Way

We plan every international real estate investment to be made by our customers in accordance with their expectations and we carefully search the real estate market. We guide our customers step by step to make their investments correctly and risk-free and provide them the investment opportunities they will be satisfied. In short, we are working to increase your profits by appraising your investments in the best way.

3. We Appeal to Every Segment

With our suitable and flexible real estate solutions, we appeal to every segment of the society for their international real estate investments. We offer lasting and well-set real estate options to our customers with appropriate financing options. We work in a systematic order to meet the expectations of our customers from all walks of life.

4. Our Expert Staff Strives for the Best

For more than 5 years, we offer various legal support to our customers with our team of experienced lawyers who have meticulously examined every aspect of international property investment and evaluated the dynamics of the industry in all aspects. We are a member of the London-based "International Bar Association". We always target the best with the leadership of our founder, Attorney M. Furkan Yüce, who is also a member of the Legislative Regulations Committee of GYODER, Turkey’s largest Real Estate Investment Platform (Real Estate and Real Estate Investment Partnership Association).

5. We Care for Reliability

We pay great attention to our credibility in Turkish real estate sector. We are growing in the international real estate investments and realizing the dreams of our customers all over the world. We offer high quality services, with a special emphasis on accuracy. With our hundreds of investors, we aim to keep our name at the top by being among the most reliable and preferred companies in the industry.

6. We Aim for Endless Growth

We are working diligently every day to present our passion for real estate to the world and to be a pioneer in international real estate investments. Our efforts for endless growth enable us to produce more effectively and efficiently. We follow the latest developments in the international real estate investment market, and we always strive to be innovative in our business in the light of this information.


Royal White Property is an international real estate consulting firm for investors. We maintain our independence and can focus on securing you the best possible terms. We know you’re not just buying bricks and mortars but making an investment into your lifestyle. From first contact to rental management, we’ll be by your side to guide and assist you.

Lawyer M. Furkan Yüce / Royal White Property

We are partners with MFY Partners Law Firm that oversees and advises us in all of our legal process. ( MFY PARTNERS Logo with Law Firm )

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