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Carrying Your Pets into Turkey

Carrying Your Pets into Turkey

Wed, Jul 27, 2022, 12:43:11 AM

Can I take my pet to Turkey moreover, what are the necessary documents for this?

Yes, dogs, cats, and birds can be brought to Turkey from abroad as long as you have all the necessary documents and specify all vaccinations. A certificate and international health certificate must be issued 15 days before the flight to vaccinate the pet against rabies.

You will also need to provide your ID (or pet passport) and a written statement from an approved and certified veterinarian at least 3 months ago. Adopted pets have not to undergo the quarantine period in Turkey.

How to Bring Pets to Turkey?

The help of a pet carrying company

Several companies organize the transportation of animals from the UK to Turkey. Of course, these are worth considering, because it can save a lot of trouble, can guide you through the entire process, and many airlines are only to check your pet with authorized agents. One of the most popular pets is Pets Away UK.

Do Proper Paperwork Before Booking a Flight

Before considering the idea of ​​bringing your pet to Turkey, please make sure that the airline lets you do so.

Many airlines, including Turkish Airlines, allow small pets to accompany them, depending on size and weight.

Pet Vaccination

Confirm in advance the required vaccinations (usually rabies, and possibly other vaccinations), and within 15 days before bringing your pet into the flight, you can get all the needed treatments.


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