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Finance for Possessions in Turkey

Finance for Possessions in Turkey

Wed, Jul 27, 2022, 12:43:11 AM

If you have a credit history and proof of income, you can use financing to help you buy real estate in Turkey.

The Following Is A Five-Step Plan To Raise Funds For Turkish Real Estate:

  1. The first step is to reach an agreement in principle. This details the loan that the supplier can provide and establishes simple terms for the loan. Documentation is not required at this stage.
  2. The second step is after deciding to buy a house in Turkey. At this point, you will need to apply for a mortgage, and the financier will need to view documents that provide reliable evidence about your income, identity, and address. After that, we will conduct a credit check.
  3. The third step includes lenders who evaluate Turkish assets. This is to ensure that the price agreed among you and the lender is correct and meets all legal requirements.
  4. After the additional terms and conditions for residents to extend the quality conditions, the fourth step of formal qualification certification. After the goods and services are returned, the borrower can be hired.
  5. 3. In step 5 of Japan, the general demand requirement adjustment general ownership request was transferred, the last name was given, and the completion date was filled in.

Rates Offered For Turkish Property Loans

Turkish real estate loans are denominated in Turkish lira and the euro. From February 2013, the annual interest rate of the Turkish lira mortgage is currently 9% per year, and the yearly interest rate calculated in Euros is 4.5%.

The maximum loan amount for evaluating Turkish houses is 70%, which means that a minimum deposit of 30% must be provided.

If you are concerned about buying real estate in Turkey, please feel free to contact us to find out if you want to obtain a mortgage in Turkey.

Our experienced professional team will provide you with the latest mortgage interest rates and standards to help you.


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