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How to Rent Your House in Turkey?

How to Rent Your House in Turkey?

Wed, Jul 27, 2022, 12:43:14 AM

If you made an investment in Turkey and purchased real estate, congratulations! You did one of the best and most profitable investments you can ever make all around the world. Well, purchasing real estate in Turkey may be advantageous but why should you let it just stay while you can make money with it?

This is why we wanted to share information about renting your house in Turkey. In this way, you can keep earning money until the day you are going to sell your property. The good news is you can easily rent your house without a need for an attorney.

Of course, this also depends on who you are going to rent your house to. On the other hand, you can already work with a real estate agent to not worry about any process. Here are the details about renting your house in Turkey.

How to Rent Your House in Turkey?

This can be carried out with two different methods. You can either rent your house on your own or work with a real estate agent. In rentals, asset owners do not pay any fee to real estate agents, but tenants have to pay a fee worth one-month rent to the agents.

Both methods have their own advantages and disadvantages. However, if you would like to find a tenant quickly, you can use some websites to directly list your property on the market. In addition to this, you need to search for ‘kira sozlesmesi’ on the internet to download a free rent contract.

All you need to do is fill out the form and sign it together with your tenant to put it in force. It is a binding agreement between two parties for renting and you do not have to do anything else.

Renting Your House to a Tenant for Long-Term (Monthly)

The first thing you can do is to rent your house for the long term. For this purpose, you can visit websites such as Sahinden or HepsiEmlak in Turkey. Both of these platforms are the most visited platforms to rent a house for a long-term in any part of Turkey.

Even if you may work with a real estate agent, he or she will use one or both of these platforms to find a tenant for your property. Thus, you may want to do it on your own in case you have enough free time.

Renting Your House for Short-Term (Daily or Weekly)

Another alternative you may want to consider is renting your house daily or weekly in Turkey. It is a quite popular method, especially in cities that welcome plenty of visitors during tourism seasons. You can even rent your regular apartment with this method.

The daily or weekly rental method is highly popular in Turkey, and you can find plenty of markets to reach your target audience. It requires a bit more effort compared to the long-term rentals, but it is definitely much more profitable too.

In the following, you can find some of the popular platforms that are used for this purpose. If you are interested in renting your property daily or weekly, then we recommend using one of the four following platforms to do so.

Renting Your House through Airbnb

Airbnb is the leading rental platform in the world, and it is quite popular in Turkey too. Although it is not that much popular among locals, you can attract plenty of foreigners to your property through the platform. Moreover, you can list your property without any additional costs.

The best part of listing your real estate on Airbnb is you can reach the international market in no seconds. As you will not be charged with any additional fee, you have flexible options for renting your real estate.

Renting Your House through Sahibinden 

Sahibinden is the leading online second-hand store in Turkey. This great platform is also the oldest one and offers English language support. Thus, most expats living in Turkey prefer this platform. You can rent or sell your house, car, electronic devices, or anything that comes to your mind.

For daily rentals, you will have to pay around ₺200 every month. Apart from this cost, you will not be charged with any additional cost. Listing your real estate for the monthly rental is completely free by the way.

Renting Your House through HepsiEmlak

HepsiEmlak is the second largest online real estate website in Turkey and just like Sahibinden, it charges you around ₺200 for listing your property for daily or weekly rentals. You will not be charged with anything for your monthly rentals.

Although it is not as popular as Sahibinden, you can still give this platform a try to find a quick tenant.

Renting Your House through Rental Agencies

There are plenty of tourism agencies that are engaged in daily or weekly rentals. Most of these companies agree with homeowners, pay them in advance and rent their houses to others. This may not be the best choice since they pay around 50% for the actual money they make.

If you do not have enough time to take care of your operations on your own, they may be a good alternative too.

Is It Worth Renting Your House in Turkey?

You can be pretty sure that you are going to make a huge profit when you sell your property in the following years. Turkey is the leading country in the world in terms of real estate prices. However, if you would like to make extra money while holding your property, you can consider renting it.

In fact, the daily or weekly rental method is quite profitable, especially if your real estate is in touristic cities such as Antalya or Mugla. In addition to this, if you own a villa, you can make one-fourth or-fifth of the cost of your property in just a single tourism season.

Thus, we recommend renting your house in Turkey only if you have enough time to carry out the operations on your own. In fact, this can be a great business model, which many foreigners prefer in Turkey.


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