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What Is Important Think for Off-Plan Project in Turkey?

What Is Important Think for Off-Plan Project in Turkey?

Wed, Jul 27, 2022, 12:43:32 AM

Our company Property Turkey firm, which has a great experience in the real estate market for many years, provides all the needs and demands of both buyers and sellers under the most favorable conditions. Turkey Real estate in the property market is divided into 3 categories. These; renovated properties, unplanned properties, and properties ready to move in. We work together by understanding the personal goals and plans of our customers. Our team includes expert real estate agents and they provide professional services to their clients suitable for Turkish citizenship process. The criteria are taken off the plan purchase property in Turkey; search process, price of the project, and is the time scale of the purchase.

Off-Plan Project In Property Turkey

What is unplanned property? Unplanned property refers to the property that can be purchased before it is built, as the project is under construction. The key difference between an unplanned project and other properties is that the project is still being built. In an unplanned project, buyers wait for the time that the project needs to be completed. So, buyers have to wait for this period. So, after purchasing this project, buyers cannot use the property right away.

Property buyers in Turkey buy property under the project for the off-plan project. During the development phase of the project, developers start to market their projects below market rates. It markets at discounted prices to investors. The cost of other properties in the project is developed and increased at different stages until they reach their estimated market values ​​and the project is completed. In addition, an additional increase was achieved at prices due to one-year social growth during the construction period of the villas and flats.

Advantages of Purchasing Construction Subprojects

The advantages of purchasing construction subprojects include:

  • Less cost
  • higher appreciation
  • payment flexibility
  • Discounts and techniques

For buyers and investors, the cost of new properties is the most important factor. A property that is under construction, in the planning stage, is likely to be cheap. Buyers have many options for properties under construction. Buyers wait longer for properties under construction and projects. But there are costs worth waiting for.

Since the investor buys the planned property at low costs, the valuation becomes higher. As the construction stages progress, the price of the property for sale increases. When purchasing a completed property, the buyer must pay the full amount at once. The buyer must also pay various expenses. Also, for projects under construction, you only pay a certain part of the cost when you purchase the projects. 

Therefore, flexibility is offered in the payment terms. You do not need to allocate huge sums to purchase a property under construction. Payment flexibility is the most important advantage. However, it is very difficult to get offers or discounts on a property that is ready to move. However, when you buy a property under construction or project, you can benefit from many offers and discounts. Buyers have many options. However, buyers who purchase a project under construction can also negotiate the price.



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