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Which Areas Are Demanded In Istanbul For Living?

Which Areas Are Demanded In Istanbul For Living?

Wed, Jul 27, 2022, 12:43:32 AM

Our company Royal White Property which has been serving in the real estate purchase and sale sector and market for many years and has a great experience, has adopted customer satisfaction as its basic principle. It meets all the needs of both buyers and sellers who want to buy or sell a property in Istanbul in a very short time and with the most appropriate solution methods. Some regions in Istanbul are preferred more for real estate purchase and sale in the Turkish real estate market. We work together for the most suitable for Turkish citizenship real estate by understanding and evaluating the personal goals, wishes, and plans of our customers. As Royal White Property, we provide professional and high-quality services to all our customers with our team of expert real estate agents. 

The Most Livable Places in Istanbul

Which regions are in more demand for those who intend to buy and live in Istanbul? The demand for living spaces in Istanbul is determined according to their location, education level, well-being, and various academic and social studies conducted by universities. In the choices you make in property for sale and buy in Istanbul, wandering, neighborhood vibrations, use of communication, the best food and beverage sales, the best entertainment venues, and nightlife are evaluated.

In addition, Istanbul is a major metropolitan city with more than 15,000,000 inhabitants. It is larger than most countries in the world. In Istanbul, Traffic and parking are the biggest problems. However, transportation possibilities are quite wide. When living spaces are evaluated The Asian side is a more preferred residential area than the European side. Districts of Istanbul that are most in demand according to living space are as follows: Beşiktaş, Şişli, Sarıyer, Kadıköy, Maltepe, Beyoğlu, Besiktas. In these regions, education, social welfare, social life, health, transportation, and municipal services are very advantageous. However, in these regions, cinema, museums, the number of theaters, and better quality of social and cultural services make it demand more.

Best Places For Real Estate In Istanbul

Where are the places where demand is intense to buy real estate in Istanbul? Istanbul is Turkey's largest, most prestigious financial and cultural city. The districts of Istanbul attract a lot of attention from foreign investors. There are many regions in Istanbul where there are real estate projects of various qualities and features such as large residences, offices, large apartments, holiday homes, summer houses, luxury villas. Istanbul is a very busy city. 

In addition, provides rental income to investors. Prices are increasing every year as profit is made by purchasing real estate in Istanbul. In addition, with new luxury and summer residence projects, real estate sales in Istanbul are increasing every year. Prices of property for sale in Istanbul are different in every region. Residences on the European side maintain their value. New urban transformation projects are carried out in many districts of Istanbul. Many criteria are evaluated when selling real estate to live in Istanbul. The social life of the region, health services, facilities of the workplace, accommodation facilities are important. 



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