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Turkish Bath

Turkish Bath

Wed, Jul 27, 2022, 12:43:13 AM

If you decided to buy a property from the Royal White Property firm, we especially recommend you Istanbul which has a lot of touristic old structures. One of these structures is hammams. There is a very popular Turkish Bath Culture in the world from the Ottoman Empire to the Present. Turkish bath, hammam as another word, means steam bath depending on the heating of cold water. It has long played a role in Middle Eastern and particularly Turkish history and society. Apart from that, although there were periods such as the Middle Ages when there was no cleansing habit in Europe and many parts of the world, traces of baths belonging to the 1st century BC can be found in Ancient Greece. Even though its foundations were laid during the Roman period, when it comes to bath culture in the world today, the Turkish bath comes to mind. These baths played a major place in Ottoman society. People used them as a place for social gatherings apart from cleansing. The architecture of Turkish baths also witnesses the sultan’s greatness, power, and wealth. The use of hammams in Turkey declined with economical and governmental changes after the fall of the Ottoman Empire in World War I. Increasing tourism and tourist interest in Turkey, and Turkish baths, have made a comeback. Because of foreign travelers who want to experience authentic Turkish traditions and culture, today there are 57 working historical baths in Istanbul. The most popular Turkish bath in Istanbul is Hürrem Sultan Hamamı. There are many baths across Anatolia and they are close to the properties. You can look for Property for Sale that is close to Turkish baths to experience them.

What Are There In Traditional Turkish Baths?

The Turkish baths have three separate rooms. The first one is called ‘camegah’ where the bathers can change their clothes with a piece of fabric called ‘peştemal’ and are given special wooden clogs, and a rough mitt. Wooden clogs are for not to slip on the wet floor and rough mitt is for massaging. The second room is a warm room. This room is constantly heated by a flow of hot dry air and the bathers are supposed to warm up, washed, and massaged by a Tellak (bathing attendants) before continuing for the other part of the Turkish bath. The third room is a cooling room. In this room, the bathers cleaned and massaged, relaxed. Socializing takes place in this room mostly. They can chat and relax. Baths, an indispensable element of daily life, continue to exist as places where physical and spiritual purification is achieved. When you are suitable for Turkish citizenship you should spare some time to experience a Turkish bath for relaxation from all those works.

Advantages Of Moving To Turkey

Turkey is becoming an attraction for so many people in so many different aspects. Its economy is booming and it is profitable to buy a property Turkey country's inside. Turkey is cheaper than most of the European countries and its exchange rate brings profit for investors. In addition to that cost of living is low compared to Europe. Turkey is a country that appeals to different kinds of lifestyles and offers various activities for everyone.


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