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Best Places to Buy Property in İstanbul

Best Places to Buy Property in İstanbul

Wed, Jul 27, 2022, 12:43:13 AM

We help you find the best property for sale or rent in Istanbul in line with your needs. With our expert team in Istanbul, we provide real estate finding and consultancy services in a reliable and high-quality way. We carry out the best sales transactions according to the type of property and possible locations such as villas, commercials, apartments, plots to buy. There are luxury residences, apartments, houses, and offices on the European side of Istanbul. Residences on the European side of Istanbul are more distinctive and luxurious. It has a rich and extensive content in terms of houses for sale and rent in Beşiktaş Bakırköy regions. Prices in this region are higher than in other districts. Istanbul Asia section draws attention with new projects and urban transformations suitable for Turkish Citizenship in Turkey

Istanbul Properties for Sale

What is the best place in İstanbul to buy real estate? Before deciding on the best place to buy real estate in Istanbul, it is necessary to do some research. Istanbul is the most prestigious and largest city in Turkey. However, Istanbul is Turkey's largest financial and cultural center.

Therefore, the city of Istanbul is the center of attention for foreign property investors. Istanbul is a city that offers a variety of large real estate projects such as offices, large residences, apartments, cottages, holiday homes, or luxury villas. The real estate market in Istanbul is quite endless and wide. Especially foreign property buyers increase their living standards by taking advantage of low property prices. The city of Istanbul is a very busy city. It is a city that provides exceptional rental income for investors. About property Turkey country's inside, prices are increasing every year as there is a potential to gain capital by purchasing real estate in Istanbul.

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In addition to this, the sea, sun, beautiful magnificent scenery, friendly people, low cost of living in and around Istanbul offer great investment opportunities. Property prices in the Istanbul region increase between 12.5 % ​​and 25 % annually. Besides, real estate sales in istanbul properties are increasing with new summer residence projects and luxury projects.

Best Place to Buy Property in Istanbul

What are the best places to invest in real estate in Istanbul? To invest and buy real estate in Istanbul, it is very important to buy what and where. Prices of residential offices for sale vary in each region. Especially residences on the European side always protect their values. Besides, both new projects and urban transformation projects are carried out in many regions of Istanbul. Therefore, new projects offer great opportunities for the real estate sector. In addition, with the renovated buildings for sale, offices and houses are sold at very reasonable prices.

The criteria that are important when property for sale for living in Istanbul are as follows:

  • Facilities of the place of work,
  • The social life of the region,
  • Living conditions if a family with children,
  • Health service,
  • Housing facilities.

These criteria should be kept in the foreground when buying real estate. Evaluations should be made by considering these criteria.


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