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The Automobile Tax Base Reassessment is in Effect

The Automobile Tax Base Reassessment is in Effect

Fri, Dec 09, 2022, 05:40:27 AM

The tax reassessment covers vehicles between %45 and %80 SCT rates under 1600cc. According to the government documents, the table is as it follows:

Vehicles that have 1600 cm3 or less engine displacement            SCT Rate

SCT base not exceeding 184.000 TL                                                 %45

SCT base between 184.000 and 220.00 TL                                           %50

SCT base between 220.000 and 250.000 TL                                          %60

SCT base between 250.000 and 280.000 TL                                          %70

Others                                                                           %80

For the Electric Vehicles that are above 50kW of power and under 1.800 cm3 of displacement

SCT base not exceeding 228.000 TL                                                  %45

SCT base between 228.000 and 350.000 TL                                           %50

Others                                                                            %80

The changes are for the budget friendly cars. After the reassessment it is estimated that the changes will cover vehicles up to 600.000 TL and that means we will see vehicles under 600.000 TL will benefit a tax reduction and it will reflect to the total price of the car.

Up to %17 discount can be expected

Thanks to the changes it is said to be up to %17 discount can be expected depending on the model and price of a car. For example, a car which has 220.000 TL SCT was in %80 segment is now in %50, so the sales price will drop to 390.000 TL from 467.000 TL with a %17 discount.

Another example can be one of the most preferred cars Fiat Egea. With a starting price of 402.900 TL, it is calculated to be 355.500 TL with a %11 discount while the price of cheapest Renault Clio is expected to be 373.000 Tl from 448.000TL with a %17 discount. Experts believe that the reassessment will help the industry but the price increases in November might hinder it since the cost of materials continue to rise. Experts also say that the reassessment should cover the %100 SRT segment to be fully effective. 


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