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10 Turkish Desserts You Will Be Addicted to

10 Turkish Desserts You Will Be Addicted to

Sat, Nov 12, 2022, 02:31:54 PM

Turkish cuisine alone is one of the notable cuisines in the world. The vast ingredient selection of the cuisine because of its fruitful soils enriches the results. In addition to this, Turkey also owns Ottoman cuisine, which inspired many cuisines all around the world but especially in Europe.

When you are going to visit or live in such a rich country in terms of cuisine, it is quite natural to gain some pounds. Today, we will share some of the best Turkish desserts, which you need to be really careful about!

It is quite easy to get yourself lost among these extremely delicious tastes. On the other hand, you can treat yourself to these Turkish desserts from time to time.

Below, we have picked some of the most notable Turkish desserts you need to taste during your visit to Turkey. Just make sure that you consume them in moderate amounts. Even though this may be one of the most challenging things you will ever have to do because of their taste, you need to watch your weight!

Here are the 10 best Turkish desserts that you need to taste before leaving the country.


Without a doubt, baklava is the first dessert that comes to mind. It is one of the most loved elements of both Turkish and Ottoman cuisine. Basically, it is a multilayered flaky pastry with walnuts, pistachios, and even cream.

However, poor-quality baklava can be quite irritating once you enjoy high-quality ones. This is why we recommend enjoying it from stores that only sell baklavas such as Gulluoglu or Hacibaba. Most high-end restaurants also offer the baklava of these brands.


Kunefe is also known as angel’s hair, and it is an oven-shredded pastry with soft cheese filling in thick syrup. It originated in Hatay, which is located in the southern part of Turkey. Without a doubt, this warm dessert will take you on a journey in the world of taste.

It is a great choice, especially for people who love to taste desserts made with cheese. The cheese used in Kunefe is quite special and it is only used for this purpose.

Quince Dessert

If you are looking for something more natural, then quince dessert can be a good choice for you. It is a hundred percent vegan desserts, which we believe you have never enjoyed before.

Unlike what you might expect, it is quite soft and often served with cream. It is an oven-baked quince in thick syrup and offers you an amazing taste. Whether you like quince or not, we are pretty sure that you are going to love this dessert.

Chicken Breast

You might be surprised, whether it is possible to make a dessert with chicken. However, Turks did it and it is one of the oldest and most loved desserts in Turkey. Although its preparation is a bit complex, we can simply say it is chicken breast with white pudding.

You will be enjoying both chicken breast and delicious dessert at the same time. If you do not like to consume sugary desserts, it may be an ideal choice for you.


Ashoura is also known as Noah’s pudding or wheat pudding with dried nuts and fruits in certain countries. This is the mixture of a little bit of everything and despite its quite complex formula, it offers a very delicious taste.

Needless to say, it is packed with numerous nutrients and is often consumed cold, which is directly taken out from the refrigerator. Although the ingredients may vary depending on where you are going to eat it, you will be enjoying at least a dozen of ingredients each time. 

Turkish Delight

Of course, Turkish delight is also one of the most popular Turkish desserts you should not forget to enjoy. In fact, you may want to get dozens of boxes while returning to your hometown. They can keep their freshness for a long time and are often preferred as a gift.

Moreover, you can find hundreds of different types of Turkish delights during your visit to Turkey. We recommend not buying boxed Turkish delights, instead prefer open ones, which are fresher.


Sekerpare is one of the most common Turkish desserts you can find almost in all restaurants. If you love sugary desserts and looking for a quick snack after your meal, then these small desserts may be an ideal choice for you.

Basically, sekerpare is a baked soft pastry dipped in thick syrup. In general, they have a nut or almond at the top of them. Each serving also consists of two or three pastries, which can easily surpass your appetite.


Revani is a popular dessert in many Eastern Europe countries, and it is often known as Semolina cake. You can find a similar taste in Turkey as well as revani. However, as you might guess, there are some minor differences in the Turkish version.

Revani is a semolina cake soaked in light syrup. It is one of the popular Turkish desserts you can enjoy almost in all restaurants. Most of the time, the chef will sprinkle some coconut powder on it.


The cheapest yet most delicious Turkish dessert is lokma. It has great importance for certain traditions, especially in the Aegean region. For example, people give away free lokma when someone they love passes away or they have a newborn.

Although it is served both cold and warm, we recommend consuming the warm one. It is often consumed with the help of small toothpicks, which you stick in them.

Ekmek Kadayifi

Ekmek kadayifi is another popular Turkish dessert we recommend giving a try. It is crumpet in thick syrup and often served together with cream. It may not be ideal for those who love the intense flavor in their desserts, but cream helps you to create a good balance in taste.

So, these were all the 10 best Turkish desserts we wanted to share with you. If you are going to live in Turkey or planning to live in the country, we can guide you with many practical cultural tips. We can also help you to find your dream real estate in Turkey.


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