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Turkish Furniture Industry Is Booming Like Its Real Estate Market

Turkish Furniture Industry Is Booming Like Its Real Estate Market

Thu, Nov 10, 2022, 11:53:47 AM

If you are a bit picky with your furniture and you like authentic stuff, then you might already know the quality of Turkish furniture. Turkey has some of the finest craftsmen in the world, especially in the furniture industry.

On the other hand, today we all prefer mass-production products including our furniture preferences. Although these products do not require any craftsmanship but a well-established technological investment, Turkey stands out in this category as well.

Today, we are going to cover certain aspects of the Turkish furniture industry, which is as appealing as the Turkish real estate market. As more and more foreigners began to invest in real estate in Turkey, Turkish furniture brands began to be known on the global market.

In addition to this, most of them also started to expand their operations to Europe and other markets in the last decade. As a result, homeowners and tenants enjoy better quality furniture at more affordable pricing.

It is safe to say that Turkey is enjoying its golden age in terms of its furniture industry. The future seems really bright for the manufacturers and new startups already began to take their places in the competition.

Of course, the increase in competition provides diversity in the market and this is pretty amazing for buyers. Today, you can find all kinds of amazing design ideas that appeal to a wide range of homeowners and tenants.

IKEA Is Shifting Its Production to Turkey

Without a doubt, the Turkish furniture industry guaranteed its success when furniture giant and guru IKEA announced its shift. The Swiss company decided to shift more production to Turkey and make it the main production area for its furniture and related products.

This significantly increased the importance of the Turkish furniture industry in the world and put certain Turkish brands under the radar of investors. In fact, a few Turkish companies have already been acquired by international investors. Considering the increased market share in the global markets and the value of the brands, these companies will attract more investors in the close future.

Besides the quality of the furniture manufactured in Turkey, the country is also attractive in terms of its strategic position. It is much more affordable to ship individual or bulk furniture to different countries compared to any part of the world.

In addition to this, Istanbul Airport is breaking records in Europe in terms of the number of passengers for four consecutive years. When we put all these into equilibrium, the Turkish furniture industry is shining just like its real estate market.

Therefore, besides investing in properties in Turkey, foreigners also started to move their businesses to Istanbul or other popular cities. Most of them merge their operations in Turkey or completely move their production line to enjoy better opportunities to boost their general profitability.

Bursa Is the Number One City in Furniture Manufacturing

Bursa City is often considered the industrial locomotive of Turkey. Although Istanbul is the financial hub of the country, making industrial investments can be quite costly because of constantly increasing prices in the city. Although this may be favorable for individual investors, who invest in apartments or other properties, investing in large hectares can be extremely costly.

Thus, more and more investors prefer Kocaeli or Bursa Cities, which are quite close to Istanbul. Since Bursa has already the required transportation infrastructure, of course, most investors prefer the invest in Bursa.

Eventually, this increasing trend and the importance of the furniture industry in Turkey also affected the housing prices in Bursa, Kocaeli, and Istanbul. An improved industrial system attracts more visitors and as a result, both real estate prices and rents started to increase in these cities.

There are also other alternatives you can consider to invest such as Antalya and Mugla, which are ideal for holiday purposes.

Whether you are interested in investing in the furniture industry or not, you can take your share of the pie by investing in these areas. We will be discussing the details in the following section.

Improvement in the Turkish Furniture Industry Affects Property Prices

Today, many foreign investors, whether they are legal or natural persons, are competing with each other to get the best share of the Turkish real estate market pie. It is one of the most profitable markets in the world for the last decade.

Although we feel sorry for the Ukraine and Russia War, it is also a fact that the war also significantly contributed to the development of the Turkish real estate market. Those who have made their investment before the war are already enjoying a significant profit.

However, most experts believe that the prices will still enjoy their upwards trend for at least a decade. This is why Turkey offers a great investment opportunity for all investors. Whether you are looking for short-term or long-term investments, you can easily make money by investing in the Turkish real estate market.

In addition to this, as we have mentioned in this article, you can also invest to start a business such as investing in the furniture industry. These days, Turkey is an investment paradise for many people. Locals are already enjoying this opportunity but there is also a significant interest in foreigners too.

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