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Turkish Tea Set, The Best Souvenir for Tea Lovers

Turkish Tea Set, The Best Souvenir for Tea Lovers

Sat, Nov 12, 2022, 02:35:24 PM

Tea has great importance in many countries, but Turks give it value more than any other country. First of all, some of the finest quality tea is cultivated in Turkey, especially in the Black Sea Region of the country. Unlike Brits, Turks consume tea raw, without adding any milk, and they consume it every hour of the day.

Did you wake up? Here is a tea. Are you hungry or full? Here is another tea. Are you going to jog, so get your tea first... If you have ever been to Turkey, you may be offered tea at least a dozen times throughout the day.

Besides tea being a lifestyle for Turks, it is also an amazing icebreaker. When a country gives this much importance to tea, it is quite natural for that country to have some of the finest tea sets as well. Today, we are going to discuss the world-famous Turkish tea sets and why you should consider them the best souvenir for your tea loving friends and family members.

Diverse and Beautiful Turkish Tea Sets

Turkish tea sets are offered with a wide range of material choices. However, the most common and beautiful ones are generally porcelain Turkish tea sets. Today, almost every brand operating in this industry offers a couple of porcelain sets. They are like the signature models of these brands.

In general, these tea sets are made for 6 or 12 people. Besides tea plates and tea glasses, most sets also include teaspoons and even sugar bowls. They are often considered stylish and practical gift ideas for both private and daily use.

Some of these sets also include snack holders, which you can offer cookies or snacks to your guests together with delicious tea. As you might already know, breakfast is an important meal for Turks. Most Turks often drink at least three to four glasses of tea during their rich breakfast. This is why most sets also include small bowls, which are designed to hold honey or jam at the breakfast.

Copper, Silver, Porcelain, Crystal, or Glass Turkish Tea Sets

Tea became a tradition and a ritual in Turkish history. However, no matter, which part of the country you will go to, you will enjoy the same tea-drinking ritual. Whether you will be waiting at the lobby of your hotel or you had a brief chat with a seller on the street, you will be offered tea.

Thanks to the eCommerce industry, today, we can access numerous Turkish tea sets from any part of the world quickly. Most of these sets include tea glasses, plates, a sugar bowl, and a tray.

Depending on your material preference, their care also varies. For example, porcelain Turkish tea sets are not suitable for machine washing. It is recommended to wash them with warm water by hand. In addition to this, if you prefer silver sets, then you need to dry them as quickly as possible after washing them.

If you love copper, then copper Turkish tea sets will be the ideal choice for you. However, you need to polish your copper set at least once a year to make sure that it will look new. Most copper sets come with tea glasses with a copper pattern embroidered on them. They are one of the most popular traditional tea glasses.

Turkish Tea Sets Are Ideal for Hosting Crowded Guests

Believe it or not but there are Turkish tea set models that are designed for up to 40 people. The Ottoman patterned models are among the most popular ones, but you can find various models and styles as well.

If you often welcome crowded guests or you are planning to buy any of these sets for your office, then these models can be quite appealing to you. In general, most models are made for 12 people and as we noted before, they can be made of various materials.

In addition to a wide range of material selections, you can also enjoy a wide range of motif alternatives as well. Some of the common motifs and designs include marble and leopard. Moreover, there are plenty of modern Turkish tea sets that can be used in all kinds of presentations.

Without a doubt, these sets are ideal choices to welcome crowded guests at your home or office with integrity in your presentation.

We Recommend Getting Used to Drinking Tea

It is a fact that Turkish tea, which is often offered after natural processing, has numerous health benefits for its consumers. However, all these benefits can only be enjoyed through regular consumption.

On the other hand, if you are going to start living in Turkey or be present in the country for a while for your real estate investment, you will not have to worry about following your consumption. No matter where you will go in Turkey, you will be offered Turkish tea and a good conversation.

Turks cannot give up tea under any circumstances and it is like a natural beverage for them. Thus, they will be offering their favorite treat to you whenever you have a brief conversation with them. Especially, if you are planning to live in Turkey, we recommend getting used to it as soon as possible.

If you did not drink Turkish tea before, it may be a good idea to add some sugar to it. Most Turkish tea addicts avoid sugar, but it may be challenging to get used to a new taste without some sugar as well. Sooner or later, we are pretty sure that you will be looking for your own Turkish tea sets once you start living in the country. So, when you go shopping and you need to spend some time, it may be a good idea to look for these models in advance.

If you need any assistance regarding Turkish traditions or you would like to enjoy a cup of tea, we will be pleased to welcome you to our offices. Meanwhile, we can also help you to find the best investment opportunities in Turkey too.


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