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Property For Sale in Istanbul

Istanbul is one of the most visited cities in the world with its fascinating architecture and thousands of years of history. Istanbul has different energy with its historical and modern buildings. Therefore, those who want to buy property in Turkey generally prefer Istanbul.

Istanbul is not only home to magnificent views. Besides, it attracts the attention of investors with its dynamic and favorable real estate market. For this reason, it offers unique opportunities for those who want to invest in a property in Istanbul.

So, what are the main reasons to buy property for sale in Istanbul?  What difficulties await you in this period? Let's take a look at all the details that can come to mind when it comes to buying a property in Istanbul.

Why Istanbul For Investment?

Turkey has become an optimum market for investing in many areas in recent years. One of these investment areas is the real estate sector. Buying property in Turkey causes investors to make a profit from many aspects. In particular, real estate investment in Istanbul offers a more profitable trade opportunity.

Property For Sale İn İstanbul

We have created a list for you that answers this question; why you should buy property in Istanbul;

  1. Economy

The economy of Istanbul is bigger than the economies of 130 countries in total. For this reason, the amount of income per capita in Istanbul is increasing every year. This reason alone makes Istanbul a growing and developing city.

  1. Location

Istanbul connects Europe and Asia. Therefore, it hosts many cultures. Local dishes are so diverse and delicious that they have a significant place in the world's cuisine. The fact that universities and schools- located in every district- provides great advantages for those who want to buy property for sale in Istanbul. Likewise, whether it is fast-food or restaurant in the Bosphorus view, it is possible to find any kind of recreational facilities - suitable for every budget. Many tourists and residents can easily find restaurants- serving international cuisine.

  1. Cheap Living Expenses

There are plenty of properties with affordable prices even in the most modern and crowded districts of Istanbul. Low taxes also mean lower food and drink costs. Therefore, Istanbul is an ideal option for those who want to buy property in Turkey. The cost of living in Istanbul is pretty much affordable. If you intend to stay here, you can buy property in Istanbul in a short period with simple steps. It is also so easy to travel from abroad to Istanbul. In short, no matter what lifestyle you have, you don't have to worry about the cost of living.

  1. Activities

We guarantee that you will forget the feeling of being bored. In addition to the indispensable activities of Turkish culture, it is possible to find other activities here. For example, after a yummy breakfast in the morning sea view, you can enjoy Turkish coffee. Then you can evaluate your time with activities such as walking on the Bosphorus and many other activities like these. In the middle of all this, you can invest in property in Istanbul at affordable prices.

  1. Health System

Many countries take Turkey as a successful example of the health care system. Of course, Istanbul is no exception. Istanbul residents are treated with technological methods in hospitals and health facilities. So, if you are looking for a property for sale in Istanbul, this means you are going to make the right decision. This way, you can buy a health insurance plan for just $ 80 per month. So, you can enjoy the city to the fullest.

  1. Weather

Istanbul is among the cities of Turkey with the good weather condition. With a long and dry summer and warm winters, the city allows you to spend as much time as you want outside. In this way, you can have a winter holiday with your family in winter and also, enjoy the islands near Istanbul in summer. If you have spent a tiring day buying a property in Istanbul, you can relieve the tiredness of the day by sailing on the freshwater of Bosphorus.

  1. Night Life

There are many bars, nightclubs, and concert halls in Istanbul. Especially in summer, you can have a good time at nightclubs with a Bosphorus view. In autumn, you can relax in the Turkish bath and get rid of the stress of the day. In short, it is possible to find all kinds of activities in Istanbul. Istanbul never sleeps. Therefore, those who want to buy property in Turkey, mostly prefer Istanbul as a location.

  1. Airports

Turkey has one of the world's largest airline companies -  Turkish Airlines. This airline company operates flights to every corner of the world. Likewise, Pegasus Airlines is another well-known airline company in Turkey. No matter which airlines you choose, a comfortable and economical journey waits for you. Moreover, because of its distance to both Europe and North America (average of 9 hours), Istanbul is an ideal city to invest in property in Turkey.

  1. Architecture

The buildings -built as a combination of Greek, Roman, and Ottoman architecture - add a fabulous atmosphere to the streets of Istanbul. There are 3 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the city. For this reason, Istanbul is a point where both history and the future meet.

İstanbul Properties

Tips For Those Who Want to Buy a Property in Istanbul

As a foreigner, buying a property in a different country may not be as easy as in your home country. Aside from the legal part of the process, finding a property that fits your budget may seem confusing for you. There are thousands of real estate offices and real estate options in Istanbul, all of which are ideal for investment. However, there are certain tips for those who want to buy property in Istanbul should know.

  1. Make the Last Decision.

Before buying a property in Turkey, you must make the final decision. What kind of real estate do you want? Which region is best for you? For what purpose do you want to invest? If you find answers to such questions, the period will be easier.  Do not forget that not every property will be a good and profitable investment.

  1. Confusing Options

Yes, there are thousands of options for those who want to buy property in Istanbul. However, we recommend that you examine the properties you want to buy in detail. The properties may be different than they appear in the photos. Therefore, observe as much as possible.

  1. Booming Market and Real Estate Agencies

The real estate market is booming in Turkey in recent years due to an increasing supply. Excessive demand in this area also causes frequent changes in the market balance. Therefore, make research before making real estate investments in Turkey and try your best to choose the most reliable real estate services. Get help from someone who knows the market in this field.

So, what do you need to buy a property in Istanbul?

  1. Lawyer

A lawyer will check if your property is legal and that all documents are in place. Hiring a lawyer also helps foreigners who want to get a residence permit.

  1. Bargaining

Regardless of the conditions, always negotiate the price. You will not spend too much on real estate investment in Istanbul. However, this does not mean that you are not going to bargain.

  1. Translator

An English-speaking lawyer will assist you better in the property-purchase process. At the same time, a translator ensures that your documents are translated and drafted accurately.



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