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Fast Facts:
  • Ready December 2024
  • Vat: 8%
  • 50% Down Payment + 36 Month Installment
  • Suitable for Turkish Citizenship
  • Istanbul/Beylikdüzü

Casablu Istanbul

Starting from$160,000

The holding hands of Asia and Europe. The beating heart of glorious empires. Istanbul. That white pearl that Turkey puts in its throat. The more we are passionate about the blue, the more we are passionate about this beautiful city. Istanbul is not separate from the blue. He watches the world with a pair of blue eyes. One is the sea, which tenderly envelops him. The other is the sky embracing the sea on the horizon. So we decided. Istanbul; while watching you with his blue eyes, so that you can see the shine in Istanbul's eyes in the sun that rises on the horizon every morning.

Casablu is a poem written in Istanbul Büyükçekmece, to the blue eyes of Istanbul. It is so peaceful and beautiful that when you immerse yourself in his verses with a cup of coffee in your hand, the words he whispers to you will turn your head. On those vast horizons where the sea mixes with the sky, you will touch those warm verses every day.

Casablu, on 3968 square meters, in 2 blocks; Consisting of 22 1+1 flats, 42 2+1 flats with American-style kitchens, 2+1 flats with 20 closed kitchens, 32 3+1 flats and 4 4+2 flats; A deep blue poem that carries a piece of everyone.

Adding beauty to its beauty with its architectural design, landscaping and ornamental pools; It includes many features such as indoor pool, fitness center, sauna, Turkish bath, parking lot, children's playgrounds and security. When you wanted to be reborn and refreshed like the sun that rises every morning. Many opportunities await you in Casablu that will relieve you of all the stress of the day and prepare you for the new day.

Another blue will welcome you in the indoor pool. It will take all your weight off your shoulders. While you are floating in joy and peace, in the pool; like a bird soaring in the blue sky. The fitness room, sauna and hammam are also separate lines in this poem. In each of them, words about peace and happiness are hidden. They will make you light and peaceful like the clouds decorating the sky.

Blue neighbors every port. Wherever you go, it gently touches your life. For example, you wanted to spend a pleasant weekend. Marmara Park and Parlavista AVM are very close to Casablu. Or maybe you wanted to attend the fair on a subject you are interested in. For example, sailing to new worlds among the pages of books as vast as the blue. Tuyap Fair and Congress Center is also very close to you. Or you wanted to sail to the sea, to those vast blues. There is also a marina near you, offering the pleasant feeling of a sweet breeze caressing your skin. In addition to all these, there is also a hospital that you can easily reach.

Casablu Istanbul Project Video

Casablu Istanbul Prices

Property TypeBedroomBathSQM RangePrice Range
1+11167-109$160,000 - $260,000
2+12195-159$259,000 - $480,000
3+132135-230$392,000 - $621,000
4+142223-233$572,000 - $703,000

Casablu Istanbul Location

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