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Fast Facts:
  • Ready Q4/ 2024
  • %35 Downpayment | 24 Months Installment
  • Suitable For Turkish Citizenship
  • Istanbul/Beylikdüzü

Referans Beylikdüzü

Starting from$280,000

To experience the happiness that spreads to your life from the gardens with your family... To share the joy of neighborliness in the gazebos... To be refreshed with the fruit you plucked from the branch... To encounter surprises at every step in the pools, children's playgrounds, bicycle paths and lush gardens... With the peaceful sound of water, the beautiful flowers We dreamed of you living with its smell. We realize a lifetime of happiness with our Reference Beylikdüzü project.

All the details that will allow you to spend pleasant moments with your family are in Reference Beylikdüzü... When you step into the gardens in Reference Beylikdüzü, you will be surrounded by fragrant floral scents and every shade of green. Time will lose its meaning for you, and you will live life in the most pleasant way with the purest of emotions.

You will collect unique memories in Reference Beylikdüzü, which brings the happiness of lush gardens blending with the blue of the sky to your home. A lush nature and sky are brought to your home with private terrace gardens. Enjoy the detached life. Reference Beylikdüzü, which stands out with its architecture and is realized by using the latest technologies in engineering applications, integrates human life with nature. You and your family will add vitality to your life in Reference Beylikdüzü, the gateway to a healthy and fit life. You will be able to walk on the green trails, ride a bike or do sports in the fitness room.


• 2 km from Haramidere Junction

• 3 km from Yaşar Acar Science High School

• 4 km from Torium Shopping Mall

• 4 km from West Istanbul Marina

• 4 km from Medilife Beylikdüzü Hospital

• 4 km from Acıbadem Beylikdüzü Surgical Outpatient Clinic

• 5 km from Beykent University, Beylikdüzü Campus

• 5 km from Istanbul University, Avcılar Campus

• 5 km from Cerrahpaşa Faculty of Medicine

• 5 km from Marmara Park Shopping Mall

• 6 km from Beylikdüzü Valley of Life

• 7 km from Beykent University Hospital

• 8 km from TÜYAP Fair, Convention and Congress Center

• 8 km from Avcılar Toll Booths

• 10 km from the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge

• 15 km from ALKEV Private Schools

• 16 km from Hadımköy Toll Booths

Referans Beylikdüzü Project Video

Referans Beylikdüzü Prices

Property TypeBedroomBathSQM RangePrice Range
2+12-133-181$280,000 - $350,000
2+1 Duplex2-124-164$300,000 - $410,000
3+13-175-190$400,000 - $450,000
3+1 Duplex3-183-229$410,000 - $470,000
3,5+13-191$430,000 - $470,000
3,5+1 Duplex3-219$450,000 - $500,000
4+14-210-290$430,000 - $550,000
4+1 Duplex4-216-283$450,000 - $580,000
4,5+14-227-296$485,000 - $600,000
4,5+1 Duplex4-247-285$600,000 - $700,000
5+15-266-268$620,000 - $750,000

Referans Beylikdüzü Unit Plans

Referans Beylikdüzü Location

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