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Find Your Dream Penthouse for Sale in Istanbul

Discover the epitome of luxury living with our exclusive collection of penthouses for sale in Istanbul. Explore breathtaking views, exquisite interiors, and premium amenities. Find your dream penthouse in the vibrant city of Istanbul and experience a lifestyle of opulence. Contact us today for more information and seize this extraordinary opportunity.

Captivating Istanbul Penthouses with Sea View

Immerse yourself in the allure of Istanbul's penthouses with mesmerizing sea views. Delve into the details of these exquisite properties, their unique features, and the enchanting coastal panorama they offer. Discover the perfect penthouse for your taste and aspirations. Our comprehensive guide provides valuable insights into the most desirable penthouses with sea views in Istanbul. Begin your journey to luxury living today.

Unwind in Style: Istanbul Penthouses with Pool

Indulge in a life of luxury and relaxation with our selection of Istanbul penthouses boasting private pools. Dive into an oasis of serenity and enjoy unparalleled comfort and convenience. Explore the finest penthouses with pool amenities and discover your personal sanctuary in the heart of Istanbul. Start your quest for a lavish lifestyle today.

Elevate Your Lifestyle with a Luxury Penthouse

Experience the pinnacle of sophistication with a luxury penthouse in Istanbul. Immerse yourself in unrivaled elegance, exquisite designs, and top-of-the-line amenities. Discover a haven of exclusivity that redefines modern living. Browse our impressive collection of luxury penthouses for sale in Istanbul and unlock a world of opulence. Contact us now to elevate your lifestyle to new heights.

Istanbul Penthouse Investment: Prime Opportunities

Unlock lucrative investment prospects with Istanbul's penthouses. Explore exceptional penthouse investment opportunities that promise high returns and capital appreciation. Discover the strategic locations, growth potential, and rental prospects of these exclusive properties. Maximize your investment portfolio with Istanbul penthouses. Seize the chance to capitalize on the city's real estate boom.

Contemporary Sophistication: Modern Penthouse

Dive into the realm of modern architecture with Istanbul's contemporary penthouses. Experience the perfect blend of sleek designs, state-of-the-art features, and cutting-edge aesthetics. Discover the essence of contemporary sophistication and find your ideal modern penthouse in Istanbul. Explore our curated selection and embark on a journey of refined living.

Unveiling the Best Deals: Penthouse Price in Istanbul

Discover the most competitive prices for penthouses in Istanbul. Unveil exclusive deals, attractive discounts, and investment opportunities in the city's real estate market. Explore the range of prices and find the perfect penthouse that suits your budget and preferences. Don't miss out on these exceptional offers. Start your search for the ideal penthouse at unbeatable prices today.

Inspiring Spaces: Penthouse Floor Plans

Embark on a virtual tour of Istanbul's penthouses through detailed floor plans. Uncover the layout, dimensions, and configuration of these remarkable living spaces. Visualize the possibilities and envision your dream

The Best Penthouse Options for Investment

Istanbul is a perfect city to invest in a penthouse. One of the most important aspects of investing in a penthouse is the return of your investment by the end. For this, locations are highly important and should be considered as the deciding factor. Istanbul offers over 20 different options for the penthouse suitable for your needs and budget. Penthouses are also less likely to be affected from changes on the market, which makes it different than other types of housings such as apartments for anyone looking to invest and profit off properties.

The Most Preferred Areas for a Penthouse in Istanbul 

Penthouses in Istanbul are special in the way that they can allow you to be at the heart of the city without having to endure the stress that comes with living in a busy district of a metropolitan city. In Istanbul, you can choose to live in luxurious areas such as Nişantaşı, Sarıyer and Üsküdar, which are all lively districts filled with lots of education centers, shopping malls, hospitals, entertainment hubs and many more public and private facilities. Penthouses in areas such as Zeytinburnu and Beyoğlu offer lavish homes close to historical and natural landmarks such as The Golden Horn.

Smartly Priced Penthouses in Istanbul

New projects and plans are being put on the table in the world of realty in Istanbul every single day, each with modern and luxurious properties fit for investment opportunities and brighter, happier tomorrows. At Royal White Property, we prioritize the needs and wishes of our customers and thrive to help them find their ideal properties suited for all budgets. Royal White Property not only features a catalog of luxurious penthouses and many other types of property, but also offers consultancy and assistance services for investors and expats in buying, selling, and managing their property of desire. With our business model built on trust and professionalism, Royal White Property promises best results for your investment in Turkey.

Penthouse for Sale in Istanbul: An Exceptional Living Experience

Istanbul is one of the most sought-after destinations for property buyers looking for a luxury lifestyle. The city offers a unique blend of modern and traditional living, with a rich history and culture that is unmatched by any other city in the world. The penthouse for sale in Istanbul that we are offering is no exception. It is an exceptional living experience that is sure to impress even the most discerning buyer.

Location, Location, Location

One of the most important factors in choosing a property is its location. The penthouse for sale in Istanbul is situated in the heart of the city, in the trendy district of Bebek. This area is known for its upscale restaurants, cafes, and shops, as well as its proximity to the Bosphorus. The penthouse is located on the top floor of a prestigious building and offers breathtaking views of the city and the sea.

Luxurious and Spacious Living

The penthouse for sale in Istanbul is a spacious and luxurious apartment that has been designed and finished to the highest standards. The apartment features large windows that let in plenty of natural light, and the high ceilings give the space a feeling of grandeur. The apartment has three bedrooms, three bathrooms, and a large living area with a separate dining room. The kitchen is fully equipped with top-of-the-range appliances and has ample storage space.

Private Terrace and Pool

One of the standout features of the penthouse for sale in Istanbul is its private terrace and pool. The terrace is the perfect place to relax and entertain guests, and the pool is the perfect place to cool off on hot summer days. The terrace and pool offer stunning views of the city and the sea, making it the ideal place to watch the sunset.

Amenities and Services

The penthouse for sale in Istanbul is located in a prestigious building that offers a wide range of amenities and services to residents. The building has a 24-hour concierge service, a fitness center, and a sauna. There is also a rooftop terrace with a lounge area, where residents can relax and socialize. The building is also equipped with a generator and water tank, ensuring that residents have access to power and water at all times.

A Unique Investment Opportunity

The penthouse for sale in Istanbul is a unique investment opportunity. The city's property market is currently experiencing significant growth, and the demand for luxury properties is on the rise. The penthouse for sale in Istanbul is a rare and highly sought-after property, and it is sure to appreciate in value over time.

In conclusion, this penthouse for sale in Istanbul is an exceptional living experience that offers luxury, location, and lifestyle. The penthouse is situated in one of the most sought-after areas of Istanbul, and it offers breathtaking views of the city and the sea. The apartment is spacious and luxurious, and it features a private terrace and pool. The building offers a wide range of amenities and services to residents, and the penthouse is a unique investment opportunity that is sure to appreciate in value over time.

Luxury Real Estate Istanbul: A Guide to the Best Properties

Istanbul, the largest city in Turkey, is a metropolis of stunning architectural marvels, cultural heritage, and iconic landmarks. The city has undergone significant development and modernization over the years and is now a hub for business and tourism. With its picturesque vistas, lush green spaces, and vibrant nightlife, Istanbul is a prime destination for luxury real estate.

As the demand for luxury homes in Istanbul continues to rise, the market for high-end properties has grown significantly. Whether you're looking for a luxurious penthouse with panoramic views, a sprawling mansion with a private pool, or a charming villa with a garden, you're sure to find what you're looking for in Istanbul's thriving luxury real estate market.

The Best Neighborhoods for Luxury Real Estate in Istanbul

One of the biggest draws of Istanbul is its diverse neighborhoods, each with its own unique character and charm. Here are some of the best neighborhoods for luxury real estate in Istanbul:


Sariyer, located on the European side of the city, is a prime spot for luxury real estate. With its stunning coastline, pristine beaches, and upscale residential areas, Sariyer offers a high-end living experience like no other. Many luxury properties in Sariyer are situated on the banks of the Bosphorus, offering stunning views of the sea and the city skyline.


Bebek, located on the European side of the city, is another popular neighborhood for luxury real estate. Known for its upscale dining and shopping options, Bebek is home to some of the most luxurious and modern homes in the city. The neighborhood is surrounded by lush green spaces, making it an ideal place for families and those who love the outdoors.


Etiler, also located on the European side of the city, is one of the most sought-after neighborhoods for luxury real estate. With its prime location near the city center, Etiler is a popular spot for high-end restaurants, cafes, and boutiques. The area is known for its large and spacious homes, many of which are set in lush green surroundings.


Levent, located on the European side of the city, is a hub for business and finance, making it a popular neighborhood for luxury real estate. With its modern skyscrapers, upscale shopping centers, and top-notch dining options, Levent is a prime destination for those who want to live and work in the heart of the city.

Types of Luxury Properties in Istanbul

Istanbul offers a wide range of luxury properties, from chic apartments and modern villas to grand palaces and traditional mansions. Here are some of the most popular types of luxury properties in Istanbul:


Penthouses are one of the most popular types of luxury properties in Istanbul. These spacious and luxurious homes offer breathtaking views of the city, and many of them come with their own private rooftop terraces, swimming pools, and garden spaces.


Villas are another popular type of luxury property in Istanbul. These spacious homes, often surrounded by lush gardens and greenery, offer a peaceful and tranquil living experience, away from the hustle and bustle of the city center.


Mansions are the epitome of luxury in Istanbul. These grand homes, often set in sprawling estates, offer ample space, privacy, and a range of high-end amenities, from private swimming pools and gardens to cinemas and spas.

Why Istanbul is an Attractive Location for Buying a Penthouse

Istanbul's unique blend of history, culture, and modernity has captivated people from all around the world. The city boasts a rich heritage, stunning architecture, and a strategic location that connects continents. With its dynamic economy and booming real estate market, Istanbul has become a sought-after destination for investors and homebuyers alike.

Why should you buy a penthouse in Istanbul ?

What are Penthouses and What Makes Them So Special?