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  • Flats and Apartments For Sale In Istanbul

    Over the last couple of years, Istanbul has proved time and time again why it is still the ideal metropolitan city that millions of thousands of people each year make the decision to move to. Many foreigners often visit Istanbul for touristic purposes but investing in flats and apartments for sale is an opportunity you would not wish to miss. With new projects rising in many different areas of the historic city, hundreds of flats and apartments with award winning designs are waiting for you. Whether you are looking for a good investment opportunity or a place to stay, Istanbul offers many options for you to choose from.

    Apartments for Sale in Istanbul

    Apartment-style living culture remains to be the cornerstone of the life in this historical city. Housing more than 16 million people, Istanbul offers apartments on a wide range of options. Suitable for any budget, you can find both luxurious and cheap apartments to invest in nearly in every corner of this beautiful city. From quiet districts to the heart of the city, from sea view to neighboring a beautiful greenery, Istanbul offers it all.

    Luxury Apartments for Sale in Istanbul

    Royal White Property offers nothing but the best for its customers. Starting prices ranging between $250,000 and $400,000, you can find the perfect luxury apartment you have been looking for in any area of Istanbul including popular districts such as Beşiktaş, Üsküdar, and Bahçelievler. You can view the properties listed on the Royal White Property website.

    Cheap Apartments and Flats for Sale in Istanbul

    Istanbul is also highly suitable for investors with a certain budget. On the Royal White Property website, you will be able to find the list of cheap apartments and flats for sale in Istanbul. With a starting price of $100,000, you will be able to invest in a cheap, modern, and stylish apartment in Beylikdüzü, Esenyurt and Pendik. 

    Find Your Ideal Home Investment

    Every year, hundreds of new residential projects are being green lighted for the city of Istanbul. These projects offer many investors both a place to stay or a place they could profit off depending on what they wish. Being a historic and sought-after city where East meets West, Istanbul is the crown jewel of Turkey. If you are looking for an investment opportunity where you can benefit from purchasing a property in a high demand city, you can review the apartments listed on Royal White Property and contact us for further consultancy.

    Prominent Areas in Istanbul for Apartments for Sale

    As the offers listed on White Royal Property website suggest, you can easily find an apartment for sale in many corners of Istanbul. From one area to the other, you can find an apartment suitable for your liking and budget in many districts of Istanbul from Büyükçekmece to all the way to Tuzla.

    Royal White Property offers its clients consultation and services in real estate search, relocation and settlement services, and all types of legal and bureaucratic products. Apart from assisting investors and expats in finding their ideal property, Royal White Property also helps them in selling or managing their properties at any time. Therefore, if you want to make a realty investment in Istanbul, you've come to the right place. For reasonably priced luxury apartments in Turkey, you can rely on Royal White Property's reliability and professionalism. 

    Buying apartments can be profitable and useful for the future. Rental incomes are very high according to statistics. New projects with luxurious apartments can be in high demand. The potential of this kind of apartment can provide you income in future.

    Why should you own an apartment in Istanbul?

    Owning an apartment grants you a home in Istanbul therefore you can now have a house in one of Europe’s biggest cities. Istanbul is a beautiful place to discover, and life can be amazing every day. Never-ending city with so many features to explore, Istanbul is the best place for owning an apartment.

    Are there any apartments for students in Istanbul?

    Students are now much in need of apartments. Every year many students come to study in Istanbul, and they need a place to stay so that apartments are important investments to rent students and highly profitable.

    Is owning an apartment in Istanbul a good investment?

    Whatever you own in Istanbul is a good investment. Everyone wants an apartment in Istanbul to invest mostly. It is the most important feature of property. Whether you use it or rent it, both are very smart options.

    What are the best places for buying an apartment in Istanbul?

    When it comes to apartments you can buy in more popular places for investment and also having your apartment close to subway stations and popular areas in the city can be important.

    What are the important factors of owning an apartment in Istanbul?

    One of the most important factors is Istanbul is a great city to live in and whether you use it as a home or an investment both ways are beneficial for you. You can have good rental income for the future and as you wish, it can be a great home in a big city. You can find the best listings about Apartments for sale in Istanbul here. Apartments for sale in Istanbul stands out with its cheap options.


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