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Uludag Was Flooded by Tourists at the Weekend

Uludag Was Flooded by Tourists at the Weekend

Wed, Jul 27, 2022, 12:43:32 AM

Uludag has been flooded by many local and foreign tourists who want to enjoy the snow at the weekend. The occupancy rate in hotels exceeded 80 percent before the semester break.

Uludag, which is regarded as the White Paradise was flooded by tourists at the weekend. Local and foreign tourists coming from different Turkish cities or abroad rushed to the world standard ski slopes in the region.

Those who want to spend a great weekend in the snow enjoyed their days and had souvenir photos taken. If you are planning to visit Uludag at the weekend, you may want to book your room right now!

Occupancy Rates Are Increasing at Uludag

Just like all other weekends, Uludag is again flooded by local and foreign tourists this weekend too. According to the reporters, the occupancy rates in the hotels in the first and second regions are above the right percent.

The first snowfall was during November of last year and those who celebrated the New Year in Uludag also enjoyed an intense snowfall. The semester is approaching, and millions of students will enjoy their break in the following weekend.

According to meteorology, there will be snow in the following days. Considering these facts, the occupancy rates will easily reach 100% during the semester break.

Book Your Room Now to Visit Uludag

Hotel and agency owners recommend those who are planning to enjoy their semester break in Uludag book their rooms right now! Otherwise, it may not be possible to find vacant rooms due to the great interest in the region.

As the meteorologist predicts, the snow will take place in the following days, and you can find numerous world standard ski slopes and tracks to enjoy a great winter holiday. If you do not want to feel regret by missing your opportunity to visit Uludag, you may want to take action right now and book your room.


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