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Turkiye Is Set to Improve Relations with Syria and Egypt

Turkiye Is Set to Improve Relations with Syria and Egypt

Fri, Dec 02, 2022, 11:41:42 AM

Turkiye’s steps towards the normalization with the countries strained relations draws attention. Lately there was a meeting between Türkiye and Qatar. The president Erdoğan attended the opening of 2022 FIFA World Cup upon the invitation of the Sheik of Qatar Temim bin Hamded Al Sani.

In an event in Konya the president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said “In the upcoming period, just like with Egypt, relations can be improved with Syria as well. There is no resentment in politics.”

What Happened?

The relations between Türkiye and Egypt were strained in 2013 after the coup which Sisi took control of the country with an army. President Erdoğan condemned Sisi for the coup and the relations deteriorated quickly with the remarks like and “cruel”.

After 9 years of estrangement, the normalization process began with Ministry of Treasury and Finance of Türkiye Nureddin Nebati went to Mısır in June for the yearly meeting of Islamic Development Bank. After the meeting Nureddin Nebati saw his counterpart Al-Kuwari and then Mohammed bin Hadi Ahmed Abdullah Al Hussaini.

Relations with Egypt

President Erdoğan told the press about the meeting with the President of Egypt Abdülfettah es-Sisi as follows: “In the meeting with Mr. Sisi besides it being a meeting of leaders I told him that we have relations with the people of Egypt, we have history too. Lately, our relations suffered for 9 years. That evening with intervention of the Emir of Qatar, we have reached out. 30 minutes after getting over the problem we had 45 minutes of shallow meeting with Mr. Sisi. Now our ministers will begin interactions and we can broaden our meetings so that we can improve our relations.

Syria Comments

According to Erdoğan, there are those who wants to profit from Türkiye’s estrangement with gulf countries. “After the problems are solved, the plans have been dismantled. One of the problems was UAE. Now we have really good relations with the UAE and it will be better too. Next, just as it is back on track with Egypt, it can come right with Syria as well. There is no resentment in politics.”


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