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Türkiye is in Top 3 in Defense Sector

Türkiye is in Top 3 in Defense Sector

Fri, Dec 16, 2022, 10:05:12 AM

Defense industry of Türkiye has reached a 60 billion dollars of project volume and it is expected to reach 75 billion dollars with ongoing auctions. Turkish Defense Industry president İsmail Demir stated that “With the enterprises in recent years, fully independent Türkiye in defense industry is our real goal and supporting national and domestic production made it possible”

Domestic Production in Defense Industry is at 80 Percent

It was recorded that the domestic productions in defense industry is at 80 percent and a new record is expected in exports. Defense industry exported 503.2 million dollars of goods in November and that means a 31.6 percent increase in comparison to the corresponding month of the last year. Furthermore, with these numbers defense industry has surpassed the 500 million dollars threshold for the first time in its history.

Expectations are High for the Future

It is highly expected that the exports of defense industry in 2022 will surpass the 4 billion dollars with the exports in December. In the previous month Roketsan and HAVELSAN was on the spotlight with their agreements. While Roketsan made exports on ballistic missile and air defense missiles to the Indonesia, Havelsan exported combat management systems to the same country. Lastly BAYKAR is still in the lead on exports among the Turkish defense corporations.

Türkiye is in Top 3 on UAV-UCAV Productions

According to Deputy Minister of National Defense Muhsin Dere’s statements, Türkiye is among the top 3 of worlds UAV-UCAV producers. Underlining that Türkiye is producing its own smart ammunitions, ships, Hürkuş and Hürjet aerial vehicles and much more and also as said that “Just as we are building our ships in our shipyards, we are now able to export the worlds most modern ships to the allied countries like Pakistan”.

Prime Minister of National Defense İsmail Demir stated that main goal of the industry is to provide the needed systems with maximum domestic possibilities and while doing that he also said that the industry is tracking the technological advancements closely and working for the future advancements with their Research and Development teams.


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