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Turkish Doner is The Most Prefferred Food in Germany

Turkish Doner is The Most Prefferred Food in Germany

Mon, Jan 09, 2023, 10:41:33 AM

According to a YouGov survey, Turkish doner is the most preferred food in Germany. When Turkish doner’s preference ratio is compared with Germany’s most popular sausage, currywurst’s ratio; Turkish doner seems to have become more popular than the currywurst in the last years. The survey reveals that 45 per cent of adults prefer to eat Turkish doner instead of currywurst, whereas 37 per cent of them choose currywurst. When it comes to younger people’s choice, among 18-24 year olds attending the survey; 57 per cent of them choose Turkish doner over currywurst. If the details of the survey would be examined in terms of genders’ preferences, Turkish doner gets a 47 per cent from female attendees. However, currywurst seems to save its place among male attendees of the survey with an insignificant 1 per cent surpass.

What is Turkish Doner?

Turkish doner is a type of kebab which is traditionally made of lamb and possibly by combining beef and lamb. Beef and chicken are also extremely common as Turkish doner meat. The most prominent feature of doner is that the chunk of meat is cooked on a vertical rotisserie. Even though Turkish doner has various alternatives on how it is served, sandwich version of Turkish doner is the most preferred food in Germany. Turkish doner sandwich consumed in Germany usually contains several greens and vegetables along with pickled cucumbers and sauces.

How did it Became so Popular?

Turkish doner, which was once popularized in Germany in 1970 by Turkish immigrants, is the most preferred food in Germany now. Despite the uncertainty of who was the first person to invent Turkish doner kebab, the immigrant Kadir Numan is widely credited for Turkish doner and its popularization in Berlin. Apart from the unknown inventor of Turkish doner kebab, it is a fact that Turkish doner shops in Berlin have outnumbered the ones in Turkey’s capital city, Istanbul.

A New Favourite

Having an authentic feature by being cooked and cut into pieces on a vertical rotisserie, Turkish doner has become the most preferred food in Germany and especially among Berliners, who used to prefer their own traditional sausage, currywurst. The popularity of Turkish doner has started after Turks’ immigration to the country and now it is clearly seen from the surveys that this cuisine has received the title as the most preferred food in Germany.


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