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2022’s Best Properties in Istanbul

2022’s Best Properties in Istanbul

Mon, Jan 09, 2023, 11:10:30 AM

In this blog we will explore the 2022’s best properties in Istanbul. Istanbul is the crown jewel of Turkey and the house of development so that’s why it is home to so many architectural masterpieces. It is one of the most visited cities in the world and has a great house price growth rate. Being one of the major cities in Europe, it is located on a very desirable location as well. With its population surpassing 16 million, it is the most densely populated city in Turkey. Istanbul Is a magical location with its rooted history, cultural diversity and values connecting the two continents where people all over the world travels. 

Why Istanbul is Important?

Istanbul is the most populated, most developed city in Turkey which is not its capital but its hub. Istanbul provides finance, business, economy, tourism, education and health to Turkey. It is the center for tourism and commerce while transforming and developing constantly. It is expected to be one of the most prominent cities in the world. Recently finished Istanbul Airport is one of the largest in the world and connects 66 different countries with direct flights as well as all of the main capitals.

Also, the Galataport Cruise Port is the world’s first underground cruise ship terminal which is expected to attract 25 million visitors as well as passengers aboard the ships in its first year. The logistics of cruise ship tourism will need to be rethought after this development.

An Investment Hub

Istanbul being the tourism and commercial center of Turkey, offers a variety of options to earn money and start a business. You can be a worker who is hired to perform your specialty or an investor who starts a business, Istanbul has everything you need to be successful. With its vast options, international connections and market, you can easily show your talent, introduce your product and get yourself on the spotlight. You can invest in 2022’s best properties in Istanbul as well.

Thanks to its ever developing, continually expanding nature, the city has a big market for real estate. The real estate market in Istanbul is very lucrative and constantly gaining value. Istanbul has one of the highest demands in the world.

Let’s look at some of the 2022’s best properties in Istanbul together.

Yedi Mavi

Yedi Mavi is an ultra-lux property which is located in the coastline of Zeytinburnu overviewing the Marmara Sea and the Kennedy Street. It has social facilities that are fully equipped for both indoor and outdoor options. With the panoramic terraces, you will be able to enjoy Bosphorus. You can shorten your travel distance with the Eurasia Tunnel and get away from the traffic. It contains smart home systems which make your life easier and more secure including a 24-hour security system connected with communication channel throughout the complex. It is one of the 2022’s best properties in Istanbul.

Yedi mavi is built with strong concrete and high-quality materials to bring a resistible building. The complex has garden duplexes, residence services, parking and storage as well. Residence services include airport transfer, shopping and package carriage, hourly driver, private courier, sports activity areas, ambulance and 24-7 reception and security.

CER Loft

CER Loft is a project which is located in Fatih next to the historical Yedikule Fortress. With options from 1+1 to 6+1 you can find a layout you like between loft and residence flats. The flats range from 63 square meters to 348 square meters and it is built on 41 thousand square meters of land. Fatih being one of the most popular living centers in Istanbul provides a privileged lifestyle to the owners. Combining the historical and modern architecture in this special region, its horizontal design brings comfortable living spaces. You can buy one of 2022’s best properties in Istanbul from here.

With detailed planning, ground suitability was checked, earthquake and insulation regulations were abided and built with solid foundation structures according to the constructors. 

Nişantaşı Koru

Nişantaşı Koru is a luxury center located in Nişantaşı where it takes its name. The complex attracts attention with its terraces that has pools in them as well as its remarkable view. It has fitness and pilates centers, a karaoke hall, a movie theater, a central pool, a garden, sauna, spa and a Turkish bath. It is located next to the Ihlamur Pavilion and makes you feel one with the nature with all its green while simultaneously one of the most expensive streets in the world, Abdi İpekçi Street is under your feet.

Kalyon Marina Villa’s

Kalyon Marina project offers a detached villa experience where you can taste freedom. It is located in Beylikdüzü by the seaside. It offers a private marina and lots of green around your habitat. If you prefer private life important, its high walls provide you with comfort. Being designed by Skidmore Owings and Merill, it is one of the most modern architectural designs.

Misk Gardens

Misk Gardens is a residential villa complex in Büyükçekmece on the European side. Each villa consists of 10 rooms and 4 floors accessed by private elevator. The project offers 5 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, 2 guest restrooms, attic, cinema, game room, home office, private gym, covered garage, 1 maids’ room, sauna, 3 floors and garden floor, seascape, 24-hour security and private swimming pool. If you like nature you can find 2022’s best properties in Istanbul surrounded by it.

Ömerli Mansions

Located in Ümraniye, it is a mansion complex in nature. The complex includes social facilities such as swimming pool, fitness and health center, children’s playground, gardens, Turkish bath and sauna. With its horizontal design, you can enjoy the sky. It also has smart home systems that provides security as well.

Therra Park Tarabya

It is a villa project in Tarabya, Sarıyer with 24 roof duplexes and 24 garden duplexes in 12 blocks. It attracts attention with its luxury and green. The project offers safety, luxurious life, greens, structural integrity while facilities include a massage parlor, fitness center, sauna, swimming pool and tennis court.

Prestige Mansions

Looking across the Bosporus, Prestige Mansions are located in Üsküdar by the seaside. It offers a large lobby area, spacious parking spaces, car wash, maintenance services while social facilities include swimming pools, children’s pools and playgrounds, fitness center and sauna. 

Romulus Villa

Romulus Villa is on the coastline of Beylikdüzü with a sea view, 24-7 private security, landscape area, cafes, shops, park and garden areas, parking areas, outbuilding and services flats and a water tank.

Azures Villas Resadiye

The project is located in Çekmeköy Reşadiye Neighborhood consisting of 20 detached villas that have 3 stories and 6 rooms. The project offers a quiet life surrounded by nature.

Mesa Orman

Mesa Orman is a Beykoz housing project where it is located on the Beykoz forest. It attracts attention with its clean air in a metropolitan city and being close to the city facilities.

Yeşilkaya Su

Located on the Büyükçekmece, Yeşilyaka Su offers a 22.000 m2 water area and a pond view. The project includes 472 villas ranging from 3+1 to 5+1. There are social facilities such as swimming pools, fitness rooms, steam rooms and saunas as well. Surrounded by water you can get one of 2022’s best properties in Istanbul here.


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