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Is Baklava Turkish or Greek?

Is Baklava Turkish or Greek?

Tue, Jan 17, 2023, 06:18:46 PM

‘’Is baklava Turkish or Greek?’’ is an on-going debate between Turkish and Greek people. In 2013, the European Union confirmed that the notion of ‘’Antep Baklavası’’ or ‘’Gaziantep Baklavası’’ is originated in Turkey and is a local Turkish product. Antep or mostly known as Gaziantep is a city located in southern Turkey and it is officially the place where traditional Turkish baklava is most successfully produced. It can be said that Gaziantep is the home of Turkish baklava.Eversince the European Union listed Turkish baklava as one of must-be-protected historically important dessert, the question ‘’Is Baklava Turkish or Greek?’’ has been debated less. However, it is still a fighting-cause for Greek people. Keep on reading for the origins and history of the dessert Baklava and getting the answer to the question ‘’Is Baklava Turkish or Greek?’’

The Origins of the Dessert Baklava

The word baklava is originally Turkish. The derivation of the word Baklava comes from another Turkish word ‘’oklava’’ which is a wooden kitchen tool for rolling out the dough. The simple answer to the question ‘’ is baklava Turkish or Greek?’’ is; Yes! Baklava is one hundred per cent Turkish! Baklava is a layered pastry which is made of sheets of thin dough. Between its thin layered sheets, baklava generally has chopped nuts and is covered in syrup. In Turkish history, Baklava is dominantly known in the era of Ottoman Empire. Prior to Ottoman Empire, the origins of the dessert baklava are unknown. The current style of baklava was created in Topkapı Palace kitchens of Ottoman Empire.

Ancient Roman Dessert Placenta Cake

The answer to the question ‘’ is baklava Turkish or Greek?’’ for the Greek is different than the Turkish. The reason why Greek people claim Baklava is Greek is mostly because the similarity of Turkish baklava with the ancient roman dessert called placenta cake. Although Turkish and Greek cuisine have some origins derivate from ancient Romans’, it would not be wise to say that these similarities can indicate a certain proof on real origins of baklava as Greek people would like to… Ancient Roman dessert placenta cake is basically a honey-covered dessert with layered-dough. Based on this similarity, Greek people claimed baklava to be a dessert of Greek cuisine. However, the word placenta had a Latin origin instead of a Greek origin. That’s why the argument about ‘’ is baklava Turkish or Greek?’’ Ends as follows; Baklava is Turkish.


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