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How to Make Turkish Tea?

How to Make Turkish Tea?

Tue, Jan 17, 2023, 06:22:34 PM

The country with the highest number of tea consumption around the world is Turkey. Turkish people make Turkish tea every day and they always make Turkish tea after or with every meal they have during the day. How to make Turkish tea is a great question as people claim that different boiling techniques impact the taste of tea tremendously. Keep on reading for learning how to make Turkish tea.

Tea Types and Turkish Tea

Tea is an aromatic beverage you can prepare by boiling it or simply pouring hot water on it. In either way, the main substance of any tea is basically fresh or dried leaves of a plant called camellia sinensis, which has been originated in Southern China. Even though tea types we know today originally have the same substance, they look, smell and taste different because of their differences in harvesting and processing. Black tea, green tea, white tea, purple tea and other herbal combinations are the most well-known types among tea consumers. However, black tea seems to be the most common type consumers can find on market shelves easily around the world. Traditional Turkish tea is also categorized as a type of black tea. Turkish tea is dominantly cultivated in Black Sea Region in Turkey. All Turkish people know how to make Turkish tea because tea plays an important role in social gatherings and traditionally guests are always served a glass of tea first before anything else.

Ritual of Making Turkish Tea

How to make Turkish tea can have both a simple and a sophisticated answer depending on your love for traditional Turkish tea. First things first, for making Turkish tea, one should have a ‘’çaydanlık’’, which is made of two teapots. The bigger teapot is for boiling a large amount of water for diluting tea while being served, making Turkish tea ‘’dark’’ or ‘’light’’ depending on tea lovers’ preference. The smaller teapot is for flavouring a few spoons of black tea in boiling hot water. To make a Turkish tea, one should boil Turkish tea for a fairly longer period of time and let the flavour get stronger. The second thing what makes Turkish tea so special is the way it is served. Tulip-shaped tea glasses named ‘’ince-belli’’ are a must for Turkish tea. Throughout Turkish history, Turkish tea has been a signature of Turkish hospitality and the way how to make Turkish tea will continue being transferred from generation to generation.


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