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The Borsa Istanbul Index Reached Its Historical Peak

The Borsa Istanbul Index Reached Its Historical Peak

Wed, Nov 09, 2022, 02:37:36 PM

The BIST 100 index of Borsa Istanbul enjoyed its historical peak by exceeding 4,000 points in October. It is a great indication for investors to make their day to know that their investments will be providing a huge return for them.

Experts stated that growth in the USA and Germany stands out in the world and Turkey is also attracting a great deal of attention in recent years. The Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey (CBRT) Inflation Report and the decisions of the European and Japanese central banks abroad are some of the most talked about events.

They also noted that the BIST 100 index is at the resistance level of 4.050 points, while the levels of 3.900 and 3.850 are in the support position in terms of a technical sense.

The BIST 100 Index Increased by 1.7%

The BIST 100 index of Borsa Istanbul gained 1.7 percent and enjoyed its all-time high of over 4,000 points. Before this increase, the BIST 100 index differed positively from the global stock markets in the past months and gained 8.48 percent on a weekly basis. The index completed the day on Friday at 3,934.63 points.

At the beginning of the new week, the upward trend continued, and BIST 100 index enjoyed its historical peak with a score of 4.003.92. The increase in value exceeded 1.7% compared to the previous closing level of the index. It seems like the upwards trend of the BIST 100 index will also continue.

The Global Risk Appetite Has Increased

Experts noted that the "ultra-hawk" monetary policies of the US Federal Reserve (FED) are nearing the end, and this increased the global risk appetite while also strengthening expectations.

They also note that FED's interest rate hike expectations for the December meeting, which were concentrated at 75 basis points in the markets, have evolved to 50 basis points. The optimistic expectations regarding the third quarter company financial results, which will intensify domestically, also support the growth of stock markets.

Even the numbers prove that Turkey is becoming a more and more investor-friendly country, especially in markets such as construction and real estate. So, if you are planning to make investments soon, it may be a good idea to make them as soon as possible before the BIST 100 index of Borsa Istanbul breaks a new record.


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