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A New Record in the Borsa Istanbul 100 Index - How to Invest in BIST

A New Record in the Borsa Istanbul 100 Index - How to Invest in BIST

Wed, Jul 27, 2022, 12:43:32 AM

The BIST 100 Index in Borsa Istanbul closed with the rally that has been going on for 4 consecutive weeks! Experts believe that there is a possibility of a decrease in the index, however, they expect the upward trend to continue for a while.

The BIST 100 Index, which has been fluctuating since the beginning of the year, pushed the highest close to 1.736,88 with 3rd quarter company profitability better than expected and strong risk appetite in global equity markets.

The BIST 100 Index rose for 4 consecutive weeks for the first time since December 2020 and based on the last 30 days' performance only 2 of the 22 sector indices in Borsa Istanbul declined. These are securities investment partnership, financial leasing, and factoring.

Most Profitable Indices in BIST 100

Considering the last 30 days, transportation was recorded as the index providing the highest return with 23.23%. In addition to this, the banking index, which is dominant in the BIST 100 Index, increased by 18.01%, and the holding index increased by 11.64%.

The return of the BIST 100 Index in the last 30 days was 13.79%.

After the share of foreigners in Borsa Istanbul declined to a historical low with a 5-week decline, it rose 1.73% last week. This increase marked the strongest rise since the week of June 21.

Increase in the Volume of BIST 100 Index Attracts Attention

The increase in the volume of the BIST 100 Index also drew attention. A significant part of this volume was realized in the shares in the BIST 30 Index. Experts state that they expect an upward trend, which started at the 1,370 level, to reach 1.730s in a very short time, in the BIST 100 Index to continue.

How to Invest in BIST?

You need an active bank account in Turkish banks or open an account authorized by brokerage companies to trade in the Turkish stock market, BIST. In general, many investors prefer the Turkish banks for the trade.

You need to visit any branch of the Turkish banks and open an investment account. The customer representatives will deliver some documents to you. You need to fill the required section, read, and sign every page in these documents and then give it back to the representative.

In this way, your investment account will be opened within two to three business days after the required background checks. Later on, you can trade shares through the bank or internet branches.

If you are living in other countries, you can always check for brokerage agencies and companies in your area. BIST 100 has agreements with various companies all around the world. You can also visit the official website of the exchange to learn more about the authorized brokerage companies that are allowed to let their clients trade on the Istanbul exchange.


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