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Fast Facts:
  • Ready January 2024
  • Suitable for Turkish Citizenship
  • Istanbul/Üsküdar

The Fifth Season

Starting from$570,000

The project consists of 5 blocks in Cengelkoy, the central location of the Bosphorus strip on the Anatolian side of Istanbul with a unique view. This project includes apartment types from 2+1 to 5+1 and offers duplex options. One of the project’s most important features is the concierge services that will make your life easier, from party organization to pet care. Thanks to its central location, it is 7 minutes to the 15 July Martyrs Bridge, 17 minutes to Eurasia Tunnel, 13 minutes to Emar AVM, and 15 minutes to Zorlu Center.

A unique project awaits you in Çengelköy! One of the most natural and luxurious projects in the city, The Fifth Season is getting its buyers soon. Bringing the quality of a five-star hotel to your homes with its special services, the project offers many options from 5+1 duplexes to 2+1 flats.

Thanks to its unique location, The Fifth Season offers you the most beautiful views of both the Anatolian and European Sides of Istanbul. The low-rise architecture of the project also creates a more natural and aesthetic appearance.

The biggest feature that distinguishes the luxurious life in The Fifth Season from others is the services and social facilities within the project. There are many opportunities for you to carry the quality of a five-star hotel to every day of your life. Countless services from technical service to private dance lessons, from pet care to travel organization are at The Fifth Season!

Just as the continents meet, the metropolis where originality meets freedom, the fascinating atmosphere of history meets the unique visuality of nature... The ancient city that has been envied by different civilizations for centuries! The city that brings together the western civilization and the authentic structure of the east that takes people to the past, regardless of whether they are far or near! Istanbul...

The unique metropolis that has always taken its first place in the list of places to see in the world! When we leave aside its historical and natural beauties and its unique silhouette, which has become a signature pointed by the authorities; The reason for this is quite clear!: Have you ever seen two continents together?... That's why it's nice to experience Istanbul; Living in Istanbul is even better!

Close your eyes and think for a few seconds... You woke up early in the morning of a peaceful night. The children are not awake yet.

After all, it's earlier... Maybe a coffee should accompany this magnificent Istanbul morning... It would be delicious to have a dynamic start to the day... Here is the coffee machine; "I am ready!" says. Coffee is ready, morning silence is ready, Istanbul is ready, Fifth Season is ready! Maybe we should look out the window and drink the first coffee of the morning... When you open the curtains, here is Europe... And of course Asia. Since everyone is still asleep; “Good morning Istanbul, good morning Europe, good morning Asia!”... Here is the beauty of Istanbul! First of the day “Good morning to two continents!“ Ok seagulls ok! Same to you

Listen to your 6th sense... because it will never mislead you. Good morning! Maybe it would be good to go down to the seaside... After all, 6 minutes on foot as soon as you step out the door! And this is not just any beach! The edge of the Bosphorus that makes Istanbul Istanbul... "Good morning sun, good morning Bosphorus, good morning seagulls, good morning sweet breeze from the sea..."

After all, walking for half an hour by the sea every day is a must for a healthy and fit life... People at home are awake now... Breakfast with the family means "peace"... And of course knowing that your loved ones are "safe"... this is the most important thing... This is why living in The Fifth Season is very important... Every detail has been thought of so that your loved ones will be “safe” because it is here. No matter where one lives, technology is an important part of life... One of the most attractive features of The Fifth Season is that technology integration makes life easier!

General information

? Project Area: 4.600m²

? Construction Area: 17.000 m²

? Green Area :1.000m²

? Number of units: 53

? Number of parking spaces: 63


• Unit cleaning

• Technical service

• Massage-pool-fitness

• Hairdresser's

• Laundry

• Coordination of the conference

• Transportation

• Warehousing services

• Travel services

• Reservations for events

• Keeping a pet

• Inspection and maintenance

• Order flowers

• Office services

Types of units:

? 2+1

? 3+1

? 3+1 DUPLEX

? 4+1

? 4+1 DUPLEX


Health centers:

? Private Medivia Hospital 10 min

? Medivia Medical Center 10 minutes

Schools and universities:

? Çengelköy martyr okan altiparmak Anatolian high school

? Hacı Rahime Ulusoy Moleki & Technical Anatolian High School

? Abidin day primary school

? Haci Sabanci Anatolian High School

Access :

? Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge 14 Minutes

? Anadolu Hisarı 15 minutes

?Çengelköy Beach 4 Minutes

? Zorlu Center 15 Minutes

? 15 July Martyrs Bridge 7 Minutes

? Taksim 25 Minutes

? Maiden's Tower 12 Minutes

? Eurasia Tunnel 17 Minutes

? Kalamış Marina 29 Minutes

? Bagdat Street 23 Minutes

? Akasya AVM 15 Minutes

? Emar AVM 13 Minutes

? Camlica Tower 11 minutes

?Financial Center 17 minutes

The Fifth Season Project Video

The Fifth Season Prices

Property TypeBedroomBathSQM RangePrice Range
2+121104-121$570,000 - $877,000
3+132251$1,168,000 - $1,170,000
4+142209-221$1,235,000 - $1,682,000
5+153360$2,697,000 - $2,925,000

The Fifth Season Unit Plans

The Fifth Season Location

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