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Nidapark Çengelköy

Starting from
$ 1,280,000

Nidapark Çengelköy Overview and Details

The Nidapark Çengelköy project, which will offer a spacious life to the owners with its low-rise architecture, will rise on a land area of 35 thousand 400 square meters and a construction area of 71 thousand 359 square meters. In the Nidapark Çengelköy project, there will be 36 2+1, 96 3+1, 18 3+1 duplexes, 27 4+1, 24 4+1 duplexes, and 6 5+1 duplex residences. Housing types in the project are listed as 2+1, 3+1, 4+1, 3+1 duplex, 4+1 duplex, 5+1 duplex. Nidapark Çengelköy, which respects the centuries-old history of Çengelköy, is located where you can find traces of the past, where the old is preserved and the new grows; in the middle of the Bosphorus, history and nature, it is the most vivid example of how the culture of life persists despite the passing of time.

Nidapark Çengelköy project, which includes high quality apartments that meet all your needs, was designed to offer comfort and luxury to its residents as well as a spacious life. Architectural details carefully created in each of the 207 flats in the project consisting of 12 blocks offer you solutions that make life easier. The blocks, designed as a garden floor + 4 floors with their horizontal architecture, have the features to easily meet every need with different apartment options from 2+1 to 5.5+1 duplex.

Where is Nidapark Çengelköy?

Nidapark Çengelköy project, which will offer a decent life in Çengelköy, one of the special areas of Istanbul facing the sea, is 280 meters to Çengelköy High School, 300 meters to Private Mepa Hospital, 405 meters to Poolside Family Health Center, 100 meters to Anafen Primary School. will rise in the distance.

Nidapark Çengelköy Social Facilities

Social facilities to be included in the Nidapark Çengelköy project are listed as indoor and outdoor swimming pools, steam room, fitness center, recreation areas, artificial ponds and a parking lot for 401 vehicles.

In the Nidapark Çengelköy project, social facilities that offer you the pleasure of life in your dreams are at your service to provide entertainment and safe activities with your loved ones, walking paths, ornamental pools and waterfalls, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, sunbathing terraces, viewing terraces, large and featured children's playgrounds, sports complex, cafe. It has been carefully designed to help you take your life pleasure to the next level with areas such as

Nidapark Çengelköy Project Video

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Nidapark Çengelköy Prices

Property Type SQM Range Price Range
3+1 197 - 278 $ 1,280,000 - $ 1,705,000
4+1 222 - 231 $ 1,650,000 - $ 1,766,000
4,5+1 291 - 300 $ 1,920,000 - $ 2,000,000

Nidapark Çengelköy Unit Plans


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Nidapark Çengelköy Location

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