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DAP Validebağ Konakları

Starting from
$ 594,000

DAP Validebağ Konakları Overview and Details

Close to the Bosphorus and the Maiden's Tower and adjacent to the bridge and the Eurasia Tunnel, Validebağ Mansions add value to the region with its low-rise architecture. There are different types of mansions in Validebağ Mansions from 1+0 to 6+1.

Validebağ is the address of peace with its lush green texture, distinctive atmosphere and distinguished residents, which is identified with the grove it takes its name from.

Nature in the Center of the City, Peace in Nature ..

The natural flora of Istanbul, Validebağ Grove, which is in the city center, is located right across the distinguished address of mansion life, VALİDEBAĞ KONAKLARI.

The 354 thousand square meter grove is the most important recreation area in the region. Validebağ Grove, which hosts hundreds of bird species, some of which are migrants, and different creatures from butterfly to squirrel, enriches the lives of the distinguished owners of Validebağ Mansions with its natural beauties.

Validebağ Mansions at the 'Hababam' temperature

Hababam Class, which has a place in the hearts of everyone from seven to seventy with its unforgettable music, characters and lines, is now kept alive as the "Hababam Class Museum" in Adile Sultan Pavilion. The distinguished residents of Validebağ Mansions also travel to those beautiful years left in memories as their neighbors.

Garden life in the mansion intertwined with nature

A unique garden mansion life begins with its 'elite life' qualities, nature, peace, comfort and serenity. In the mansions with large gardens adjacent to Validebağ Grove and Adile Sultan Pavilion, happy moments in touch with nature await you with your family.

DAP Validebağ Konakları Project Video

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DAP Validebağ Konakları Prices

Property Type SQM Range Price Range
1+1 125-221 Solt Out
1+1 Duplex 116-139 Solt Out
2+1 119-271 $ 594,000 - $ 594,000
2+1 Dupleks 142-184 $ 773,000 - $ 625,000
3+1 184-428 Solt Out
3+1 Duplex 189-232 $ 820,000 - $ 820,000
4+1 202 Solt Out
4+1 Duplex 219-513 $ 1,091,000 - $ 1,091,000
5+1 Duplex 253-440 Solt Out
6+1 Duplex 325 Solt Out
8+1 Duplex 394 Solt Out
Shops 239-285 $ 1,208,000 - $ 1,500,000

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DAP Validebağ Konakları Location

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