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Ömerli Malikaneleri

Starting Price:
$ 1.350.000

Overview and Details


Open Your Life to a Brand New Life

In the history, there were special residences that important people had built to spare time for themselves, to relax, and to open their doors in order to find peace in nature and natural life. These dwellings were named "Mansion", an abstract name derived from the Old French word mansio "dwelling" and manere "to live". Knowing the meaning of this word, we are adapting today's needs to traditional European classical architecture and bringing to life the Ömerli Mansions, which we designed for nature lovers without touching a single tree.

Living Together with Nature in Ömerli Mansions!

Far from mediocrity, in an environment decorated with redbud, maple, bunch, willow and jasmine and oak trees; You will be able to reach an architecture completely special to you, and the peace of solitude and privacy in an environment away from the stress and density of the city. When you leave the house in the morning, you will be able to see the deep blue sky, not the tall buildings, have exclusive and exclusive restaurants and privileged living spaces, and spend quiet, calm and peaceful times on the edge of a real, natural lake.

Every Detail Is Special For You ...

Now we have a project that will offer you all these and more and make you feel special: “Ömerli Mansions”. With a key, it is time to open the doors of a comfortable, exclusive and privileged life. In Ömerli Mansions, each villa has a different architecture and a life in nature, with exclusive social facilities around it. Open your life to a new life, not a new house in Ömerli Mansions.

Attraction Point

Ömerli Mansions, the most prestigious housing project in the region, differentiate their services with the opportunity to shop. We planned our workplace areas, which aim to become the center of attraction of environmental projects with the natural structure of the region, at the beginning of the project, using our 20 years of experience. The most distinguished cafes and restaurants will be the social meeting center of the residents of Ömerli Mansions and the residents of the neighborhood.

In the Best Place to Live

We have established dynamic, enjoyable and friendly places for young people's own world. We think that we allow young people to socialize by creating cafes, hobby rooms, music rooms, billiards, chess, music box, console game room, table tennis, squash, fitness areas prepared for young people. We tried to make them feel that they are a part of it, and we wanted to show that it is very important for us as well as for you, that young people enjoy activities in a happy and peaceful way.

Enjoy as a Family

You will be able to find social areas that will be continuously improved by feeding on technology and trends in Ömerli Mansions. We have designed many special areas for your hobbies. Common areas such as music room, game console rooms, billiards and chess will allow our residents to socialize and spend their free time to their heart's content.

Safe Structures in Nature

In order to combine traditional European classical architecture in a safe and spacious living space, we built the structures that sit on radial foundations with special formwork and concrete over Jet Croud. In addition, we implemented a project in which an earthquake warning system was installed for the first time in Turkey. We covered the fully fireproof electrical installation, the most robust and new insulation systems, with stylish and different concepts. In this way, we have combined a safe environment with the most stylish designs. Travertine verandas and open and closed car parks in the mansions are positioned to provide the best harmony with the architecture.

Palace Not Like a Palace

Large rooms, bathroom in each bedroom, laundry room, home office with end-to-end fiber and uninterrupted generator infrastructure to protect your privacy, an elevator in all mansions over 2 floors, a minimum of 25 m2 kitchens, dressing rooms, wide corridors, aluminum joinery and heat / sound / light protected windows, all these are waiting for you, while creating all these areas, we offer you opportunities to personalize your mansions and implement applications that reflect the lifestyle and taste of your family.

As You Always Dreamed of

Our Ömerli project consists of 5 different mansion types, ranging from 300 m2 to 1500 m2. Open your life not to a new villa, but to a new life in Ömerli Mansions. We offer much more than a villa with high ceilings, bright and spacious rooms, wide corridors and useful spaces thought to the finest detail.

World Brands

We did not put any artificial, imitated materials in your mansions, and if our design philosophy tells us that we should do the application with marble, we arranged marble instead of artificial tiles. If the floor you will step on should be solid parquet, we did not use petroleum-derived laminated plastics. If the underfloor heating is valuable and economical for your health, we asked the best world brands to produce solutions for your mansion. Your kitchens and bathrooms are adorned with the solutions of the most valuable brands. We wanted to create more beautiful places than you see in the pictures. To sit in your mansion, sunbathe on your terrace, swim in your pool, integrate with your garden ... All of these are what we do to ensure that you can enjoy your tiredness and meet nature by relieving the weight of the city. We look forward to seeing you among us.


Alev Schools 1 km
Bahçeşehir College 1 km
SEV College 9 km
IELEV Schools 9 km
Özyeğin University 9 km
Çekmeköy Metro 17 km
Buyaka Shopping Center 25 km
Sabiha Gökçen Airport 30 km
Istanbul Airport 64 km

Request Call Back PRICES
La Villa - IKIZ 289-424 $ 1.350.000 - $ 1.430.000
La Villa 413 $ 1.610.000 - $ 1.650.000
Le Manoir 505 $ 1.890.000 - $ 2.000.000
Le Mansion 502-620 $ 1.940.000 - $ 2.650.000
Le Chateu 812 $ 3.570.000 - $ 3.580.000
Le Palais 1006 $ 5.720.000 - $ 5.750.000
Unit Plan

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This Unique Project in Ömerli; Our project, which consists of 85 private mansions in a 100.000 m² land, is one of the most environmentally friendly projects with a total of 75.000 m² green area with 60.000 m² of forest area including intact century-old trees.


Please visit privacy policy to understand how Royal White Property handles your personal data.