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Work Permits in Turkey

Work Permits in Turkey

Wed, Jul 27, 2022, 12:43:11 AM

If you are interested in working in Turkey, work permits in Turkey are required before you can do so. For an external national to do business or work in Turkey, a residency permit should be gotten within one month of your entrance to Turkey, and a Turkish work visa for foreign citizens should also be learned. You can apply for a Turkish work permit from either outside or inside of Turkey.

How To Get A Turkish Work Permit?

After you have approved your residency permit in Turkey, at that moment, you can start the procedure of getting a Turkish work permit. You are required numerous documents before you start your application for a work permit, that includes,

i. Photocopies of the pages with your passport that completely show your photo.

ii. Photocopies of the passport ending date.

iii. Your passport.

iv. 4 passport-sized photographs.

v. Photocopies of the last stamped entry at your passport.

If you are looking for employment probabilities in Turkey after getting the work permit, you are required these documents as well as an application from the Ministry for Social Security and labor.

The Turkish company that is looking to employ you will make this application on your behalf, you will not be able to get a Turkish work visa without consulting a company in the Turkey funding you. If you are a foreigner, you are recommended to contact your nearest Consulate or Turkish Embassy to start your work permit application procedure.

It is recommended that you obtain a residence permit for an extended period, a residency permits with less than six months left have been known to be deprived of the right to work in Turkey. 

For once you have all the paperwork completed, now you are ready to process with your application, you should then submit your work permit application to the Ministry of Social Security and labor. And If you are accepted for a Turkish work permit, your passport will then be stamped with your new work visa in Turkey.



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