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Why Istanbul’s Scenic Seaside Properties Have Never Been More Popular

Why Istanbul’s Scenic Seaside Properties Have Never Been More Popular

Wed, Jul 27, 2022, 12:43:12 AM

Flowing through the heart of Istanbul is the beautiful Bosphorus Strait. Connecting Asia and Europe, this stretch of water has enjoyed immense historical, geographical and historical importance for centuries.

In the 21st century, however, the districts scattered along the shoreline happen to be amongst the most highly-coveted and desired locations in Turkey when it come to luxury properties. With their dramatic landscapes and sophisticated architecture, Istanbul’s seaside properties have long been associated with refinement and opulence.

The Covid-19 Pandemic and Changing Trends

Sariyer is probably the most well-known of the aforementioned districts and has recently experienced an exponential rise in popularity. Some of the most desirable towns include Yeniköy, Bebek, and Tarabya on the European side, as well as Kandilli, Vaniköy and Kanlıca on the Asian, or Anatolian, side.

The property market has always been incredibly dynamic, and it’s important to understand what is driving this sudden rise in demand for these seaside properties in order to provide unparalleled services to your clients. The Covid-19 pandemic has definitely had a significant influence on this trend. National lock-downs and social-distancing rules mean that people are spending more and more time at home.

For many people this has been an abrupt change to their usually hectic routines before the pandemic, and they’ve had the opportunity to revaluate their life choices and ambitions. The idea of leaving the city and moving to the relative solitude of the country has become an increasingly attractive prospect.

The Joys of Seaside Living

In an era of quarantines and lock-downs it can be challenging to get around, and if you’re living in an urban environment it can be even harder to find some place to just unwind and relax. Most people have also been forced to spend more time indoors than they ever have before due to remote working and virtual education, and for many clients having access to the outdoors has become a critical factor when it comes to purchasing a property.

The expectations of clients has therefore changed. Being as close as possible to the city centre is no longer a necessity. Instead, people want to live in a home which is surrounded by scenic landscapes and outdoor activities, as well as having enough space inside to create a comfortable and spacious home office especially devoted to working or studying.

Luxury Has Never Been More Accessible

Whilst there is certainly a demand for private villas within this beautiful residential area, Istanbul’s real estate prices mean that these properties are beyond the reach of the average client. It is for this reason that luxury apartments have witnessed a surge in popularity. These apartments are located in complexes which incorporate a range of facilities and amenities, such as shopping malls, parks, recreation, exercise and transportation.

These complexes are perfect for young Turkish professions who are hoping to take advantage of the current low interest rates and generous borrowing conditions – and it’s important to keep in mind that you will most likely be working within the domestic market. Private villas and luxury complexes provide a refreshing alternative to city living that more and more people are appreciating.

A Lucrative Property Investment Opportunity

Necessities and essentials such as shops, restaurants, gyms, parks and transport links are all nearby, and residents can also enjoy uninhibited access to nature-inspired and socially-distanced leisurely activities such as running, cycling and even sailing. Truly the best of both worlds. purchasing one of the Bosphorus Strait’s seaside properties will undoubtedly be a sound and worthwhile investment.


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