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What Occurs While You Have Your Work Permit In Turkey?

What Occurs While You Have Your Work Permit In Turkey?

Wed, Jul 27, 2022, 12:43:11 AM

With a Turkish work permit, you can work and do business in Turkey freely. If you want to do business in Turkey, many Turkish banks will provide loans, and there are many funds available for foreigners who wish to do business in Turkey.

If you want to start a business in Turkey, you need to fill out certain forms and get certified, and you need to notify some Turkish departments.


Is There Any Work In Turkey That Foreigners Are Not Allowed To Do?

Yes, specific jobs are only allowed in Turkey, including high-end jobs such as dentists, doctors, chemists, opticians, and lawyers.

What Jobs Can Foreigners Find In Turkey?

Representatives/seasonal workers: There are special government agreements for seasonal workers for travel agencies in the UK and abroad. These six-month delegate work permits are provided by tour operators such as Thomsons and Thomas Cook and their Turkish partners.

As a result, many former patriots in coastal resorts serve as holiday representatives, so competition for these positions may be fierce. If you want to try as a travel agency, the working hours are usually very long, the anti-social basic salary is generally meager, it is charged, and the work usually lasts only 6 months per year.

Please contact the tour operator to apply, most applicants will be recruited and interviewed before the start of the season (January-March) to help the team prepare for the summer. Work for large companies: Some large international companies with offices in Istanbul and other cities are preparing to hire and sponsor foreign employees.

It is best to complete the position directly through Internet surveys or international recruitment agencies with city offices such as Michael Page or Adecco. As a salary guide, Michael Page recommends that experienced sales representatives usually earn between 2000TL and 3000TL per month. The average wage in most parts of Turkey is much lower than in many other countries, usually only a few hundred pounds per month.

Coaching English in Turkey

Many people who want to work in Turkey consider teaching English. If you want to be an English teacher, then this is one of the best qualifications for Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL).

TEFL courses are broadly used throughout the UK, and qualification certificates provide you with an excellent foundation to help solve problems. The most challenging task is to find a Turkish language school to sponsor the work permit.

Like all of Turkey, many employers are happy to discuss suitable jobs with you, but few companies process the documents required to obtain a work permit.

We recommend that you contact potential schools via email or phone. If you are offered a position, please contact your employer regularly to ensure that you formally recruit and support work permit applications. If you find that you are working without permission, you will be heavily punished by your employer. In many cases, remember to expel the consequences of illegal labor.

Illegal work

We do not recommend illegal employment in Turkey. Undoubutly you will encounter many illegal foreign workers in bars, offices, and restaurants around Turkey.

Both employer and employee fines are high, so if you play a role without a work permit, you will be uninsured, fined, or exiled, and ready to pay the results. Be careful!

Please note that the authorities often visit the company to ensure that employees register, not only to pay the necessary fees, but the company will also receive prompts from foreigners working for them, Therefore, be careful.

Turkish work tax

Turkish tax is determined by your working and living conditions. All foreigners living in Turkey should pay taxes in Turkey. Turkish non-resident employment contract (short-term (less than 3 months) or short-term, only pay a limited fee for income in Turkey).


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