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Turkey Launched Its 8th Satellite to Space

Turkey Launched Its 8th Satellite to Space

Wed, Jul 27, 2022, 12:43:32 AM

Turkey is one of the 30 countries that have its own active satellites in orbit. The country is enjoying the successful orbit of its eight satellites. The satellite was launched with one of the Falcon rockets of SpaceX.

Before the launch, a few days ago, SpaceX founder and CEO, Elon Musk and President Recep Tayyip Erdogan met on a teleconference. Erdogan noted the importance of launching their eights satellite to orbit. In addition to this, he thanked Elon Musk for the service and stated that Turkey is planning to launch their next satellites through SpaceX soon.

This Is the 5th Communication Satellite of Turkey

As of today, Turkey has eight active satellites in orbit. Five of these satellites are used for communication purposes and the recent satellite, Turksat 5B will also be used for the same purpose. The government plans to improve the internet infrastructure within the country with this new satellite. Other active communication satellites include Turksat 3A, Turksat 4A, Turksat 4B, and Turksat 5A.

Besides communication satellites, Turkey also has three active observation satellites, which are Gokturk 1, Gokturk 2, and Rasat.

The Internet Capacity of Turkey Will Increase More than 15 Times

It is believed that Turksat 5B, the eighth active satellite in orbit, will boost the internet capacity of Turkey. Officials announced that Turkish residents will be able to enjoy 17 times improved capacity.

Besides Turkey, the new satellite will serve in a large area, which includes the entire Middle East. In addition to this, the satellite will serve in South Africa, Nigeria, North and East Africa, the Red Sea, and the Persian Gulf.

Turkey used to have a similar level of internet infrastructure with most of the European Union countries. However, the launch and successful orbit of the new satellite will provide a great advantage to the county.

This is also great news for expats living in the country. They can enjoy a better internet as they used to do in their hometowns without paying overpriced fees. It is worth noting that this capacity increase can only be enjoyed when you receive services from satellite internet providers.


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