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The Black Sea Grain Initiative Has Been Extended for 120 Days

The Black Sea Grain Initiative Has Been Extended for 120 Days

Fri, Dec 09, 2022, 06:16:46 AM

As we know Ukraine – Russia war had a negative effect on the world in a variety of sectors. One of which of these sectors is trade and along with trade problems came a food shortage. To prevent a food crisis JCC, Joint Coordination Centre was established to build a humanitarian maritime corridor which allows ships to export grain, foodstuffs and fertilizers from Ukraine and Russia in 27 July 2022 in İstanbul. The primary mission of JCC is to secure the critical importance of global food and other foodstuffs produced in the region.

Joint Coordination Centre

With the guidance under UN, Türkiye, Russia and Ukraine came together in 27 July 2022 to implement the Black Sea Grain Initiative under the monitor of the Joint Coordination Centre. UN plans to stabilize the spiraling food prices worldwide and stave off famine with this initiative amidst the ongoing war between two countries. The initiative specifically allows for significant volumes of commercial food exports from the regions.

According to the agreement, Ukrainian vessels will be guided through Black Sea into the Bosphorus Strait avoiding mined areas and proceed towards the international waters along an agreed corridor. The ships will be inspected by the Joint Coordination Centre teams which is assembled specially for this initiative. Two Un Task Forces were formed with the talks one of which focusing on the Ukrainian grain through the Black Sea and the other focusing on the Russian food and fertilizers.

The Initiative Has Been Extended

The agreement was set to expire in 19th of November having delivered more than eleven tons of grain and foodstuff with approximately 500 ships in 4 months to the much-needed places. Proving its value in the course of 9 months, the trade corridor initiative was announced to be extended for another four months in 17th of November despite the unwillingness of the Russia. During this period, Russia had objections to the agreement due to the trade restrictions and sanctions on it while Ukraine succeeding with its trades. After the renegotiations and talks it seems to be solved and despite the war much needed food and fertilizer trade is still intact.


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