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Ski Tracks in Turkey Are Full of Domestic and Foreign Tourists

Ski Tracks in Turkey Are Full of Domestic and Foreign Tourists

Wed, Jul 27, 2022, 12:43:32 AM

The winter season officially opened a few days ago in Uludag, Bursa, which is one of the most favorite destinations of both domestic and foreign tourists.

Thousands of tourists flocked to the ski tracks in Uludag following the weekend of the official winter season opening. As of today, agencies report that the snow thickness reached 50+ centimeters in all ski tracks in the region.

Tourists enjoy skiing and snowboarding, especially in the Hotels region. If you want to escape the chaos of the city and enjoy a great weekend in Uludag, Bursa, this is the best time for you to take action. Besides Uludag, Bursa, other popular ski destinations such as Kayseri, Erzurum, Kartepe, and Sarikamis also attract new visitors.

Law Enforcement Teams Are Controlling the Wheels

As the snow covered the whole country, many domestic and foreign tourists hit the road to enjoy the snow. Law enforcement teams in Turkey are controlling traffic for the safety of drivers. They are checking whether the vehicles have chains on their wheels.

It is worth noting that vehicles without any winter tires and chains are not allowed to enter the ski regions. Thus, you may want to switch your wheels as soon as possible before you hit the road.

Hotel Occupancy Rates Reached 90%

If you are planning to enjoy a great skiing or snowboarding experience at the weekend, we highly recommend booking your stay in advance. Many tourists rushed into these tourist areas to enjoy a great weekend. As a result, the hotel occupancy rates reached 90%. However, these occupancy rates are for the weekend.

Those who are going to visit the facilities during the weekdays will not have to book in advance. The occupancy rates during the weekends are around 50% in most hotels. However, we still recommend booking your stay and experience in advance to not ruin your trip.

Experts believe that the demand will increase in the following weeks, especially because of Christmas. So, if you are planning to celebrate the New Year in one of the best ski resorts in Turkey, you need to book your trip these days.


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