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Should I hire a Lawyer to Buy Property?

Should I hire a Lawyer to Buy Property?

Wed, Jul 27, 2022, 12:43:12 AM

Turkish real estate company advises clients to use Turkish lawyers when buying houses in Turkey. The simple reason is to save a lot of time and make the purchase process smooth and easy.
Should I hire a lawyer to purchase property in Turkey?
In the years of experience in the Turkish real estate market, it was found that almost all victims of fraud and malicious real estate did not use registered Turkish lawyers to complete their property purchases. Purchasing a property in Turkey is a big investment-why try to avoid risk and save a small amount of money?
The average cost of Turkish lawyer services is £ 1,000, but its value is incalculable. Hiring a lawyer can ensure that your property is available for purchase-the the prosecutor will make a claim on the property, regardless of whether the current owner sold the property reasonably and make a safe transfer. Check if there are other checks to ensure that your property is under your name.
With more than 10 years of experience in the Turkish real estate market, we have become accustomed to highly professional and experienced lawyers. They will be happy to introduce you at any time. You can also find excellent English-speaking Turkish lawyers on the British Consulate website.
What accurately does a lawyer do?
We encourage our clients to give their lawyers all the power to complete the purchase of the property on your behalf. This saves a lot of time and gives you unlimited travel to and from Turkey. When providing a power of attorney and a power of attorney together, the attorney must:
  1. Take care, title is clean and that there is no claim for your title and correct ISKAN.
  2. Save time and buy approved properties on your behalf.
  3. Before registering the property ownership in your name, please apply for military approval.
  4. Change the title to your name and complete all real estate purchases on behalf of you and the local brokerage company.
As you can see, it is a good idea to hire and authorize a lawyer to complete the real estate purchase on your behalf. The entire process of buying real estate in Turkey may take several weeks to complete. The appointed lawyer ensures that no unnecessary Turkish travel is required to complete the purchase.

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