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Property Care in Turkey, Cost, and Fees

Property Care in Turkey, Cost, and Fees

Wed, Jul 27, 2022, 12:43:12 AM
When you have effectively completed the purchasing of your holiday home and investment in Turkey, you should applaud yourself for your investment choice and lifestyle, well done. No doubt, you will make many great memories and may even choose to move over their barrel and lock stock one day.
Now, after you have done it beautifully and successfully go about maintaining and managing your new home in Turkey. How can you make sure that your nest egg abroad is kept in good condition for your family and you to enjoy year in and out and its return on investment is maximized through rentals or a future profitable sale?
You should know about surely; if you look after your property excellently, it will escalate by its value, and if you let it go uncared, obviously it will lose its value even before you know it. There is nothing like moving into a well presented and loved the house that’s well looked after and diligently maintained.
What features of your Turkish property should you maintain?
The following is by no means an exhaustive list has some of the main points of management and maintenance which your new home in Turkey will need.
Many of us buy some homes for holidays in the coastal parts of Turkey; we feel proud about ourselves about the fact that our apartments in Kalan, Fethiye, Antalya, Bodrum or Antalya have good sea views, you can significantly smell the seawater, don’t you want.
For you, the sea close to your property is a wear and tear, nothing washes the paint off your property, but it causes humidity internally. Consequently, firstly you need your property appropriately aerated at least once every other week if not even once a week when you are not here.
If You have a lovely private pool off-course you have it’s your holiday and homes your dream place at the sun view, after all, your dream place in the sun and no expense barred. Well, you guess what, in the Mediterranean heat, the pools you have in Turkey will need sustaining almost after every day.
Somebody will need to place it with the essential chemicals, brush off the stems and leaves that fly into it, and the occasional bee that drops his poor little way. You will possibly change the water once during the year, so the pool needs to be appropriately maintained, and so it stays clean and fresh.
Unwanted grasses and bushes increase in the country. Turkey has fertile soil, so this provides the best way for the growth of such things. So, there is always a need to cut down the edges and prune these bushes, and they can- not cross the borders into your home.  You might listen to a doormat saying unwanted unwelcome, but we know it will help.
Utmost of us put our holiday homes foreign to good use. When we are not living these homes, we might like to rent out until the holidays lets. You surely want to request your guests to kindly clean themselves after and before, though, which perhaps will not help your rental balances.
Therefore, you are required to provide for after and before rental cleaning, maintenance welcome baskets, and may be even some supervision as how to use the air-con, the utilities and the sky TV, to name a few. Thus, you will surely need some assistance there.
No matter how well you manage, and what you do your property, few amounts of natural tear and wear are inevitable. There will be things door knobs not working, breaking, window seals leaking the list is too long. Typically small little things are enough to spoil your fun if they are not fixed timely. Thus, you will need a fixer-doer on hand.
The excellent news about maintaining and managing a property in Turkey
 Property maintenance fees in Turkey are not too high. You can get reasonable payments if you get the right individuals to take care of your property or appoint the right company.
You should make sure while giving the job to a company or individual, that has an excellent proven track record for property maintenance and management. Do not trust to appoint somebody only because they seem friendly. Make sure they the right experience and excellent credentials.
There are some of the most effective and common ways of managing and maintaining your home remotely from foreign.
If your property is located in a managed complex
If you have a property that also has possibly shared pools and shared facilities having shared gardens, maybe even a fitness center and a restaurant.
The estate commonly appoints a management team to remote management of the complex. The management team, during its early years, consists of the development company with its services.
The development company usually spreads its services to property maintenance and management during the initial years of complex completion. They are not essentially doing this out of charity or out of love, but because they know that the better presented the complex, the more chance they will have to sell all of its remaining units quickly. Thus, this kind of works for both parties, the buyers, and developers.
This type of management and maintenance fees will usually be recorded during the purchase contract, and it is a part of the total expected costs divided by the number or size of the unit you have.
Conclusively, if you own a 2-bedroom apartment within a complex, you pay a comparable amount in contrast to other types of units at the same complex.
If you own a 3- bedroom villa in the same complex, then you should expect to pay a little higher. The management company will normally extend their services to provide personal maintenance and management to individual properties at the site upon agreement with the property owners. Thus, you will be covered for shared private sections and shared facilities such as points 1 to 5 above.
What kind of fees should you expect to pay? As a general guideline, the following are averages you should keep in mind
  • For a 3- bedroom villa in a complex, about Euro 1200 per annuum.
  • For a 2- bedroom apartment in a complex, about Euro 800 per annuum

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