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Lotto Winner in Germany Invests Lands in Türkiye

Lotto Winner in Germany Invests Lands in Türkiye

Wed, Dec 28, 2022, 12:43:21 AM

A Turkish man in Germany nicknamed Chico, Kürşat has won the German Lotto in November. The grand prize of the German Lotto was 9 million 900 thousand Euro. Since then, he has been very popular.

Kürşat was working as a loader operator in Germany but he had hard times due to the several addictions and debt. To have a better life, Kürşat began to buy lottery tickets and finally won.

20 Hectares of Land in Türkiye

After winning the lottery, Kürşat bought luxurious clothing, jewelry, shoes and cars and said that he was looking for a wife and get in contact with him if there are any volunteers. Kürşat also stated that he made an investment in Türkiye by buying 20 hectares of land in Türkiye. The land which he bought includes approximately 6 thousand of almond trees. According to Kürşat, his aim is to utilize his lottery win of 9 million euro to turn it into a passive income by raising and trading almonds. 

An Almond Farm

By investing in a land with 6 thousand almond trees in Malatya Türkiye, Kürşat thinks that this investment will jumpstart his career and provide him with a passive income. According to him, if almonds were sold 10 euros per kilo, it would provide him a half a million fortune per year. He said that he listened the experts and decided to invest in almond business for this reason and the value of the land would be rising within the upcoming years.

In Hands of the Experts

Kürşat stated that he hired locals and experts in the almond business to be in charge of his newly acquired investment in Malatya. He said that “I listened to the experts and I think this is a really good investment. The land will be in the hands of the expert farmers.” He also said that he wants to invest in real estate and this is just a project for passive income. “Everyone was wondering where would I spend the money I won but this is just a project for me. I want to invest in real estate as well.”


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