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Izmir: Being a Homeowner & Living in Turkey's Most Colorful City

Izmir: Being a Homeowner & Living in Turkey's Most Colorful City

Wed, Jul 27, 2022, 12:43:14 AM

Living in Turkey is a quite appealing idea but choosing the right city for yourself and your goals may be quite challenging. Turkey has 81 cities and each of them has unique characteristics. However, Izmir can easily stand out among all the cities.

Considering the cheap cost of living in Turkey, it is no surprise that more and more foreigners move to Turkey. Izmir is one of the most preferred cities by foreigners. This is mainly because of its amazing texture, historical places, nature, and beautiful sea.

In this guide, we have compiled some of the reasons why Izmir is the best city for foreigners to move to or invest in.

Living in Turkey as an expat but especially in Izmir has numerous benefits. First of all, you can meet with other foreigners who have been living in the city for years. Almost every restaurant or store employees are fluent in English. Needless to say, everything is a lot cheaper than in many countries.

Here are some of the reasons to move or invest in Izmir that you may want to know.

Every Day is a Holiday

Izmir has more than a hundred tourist destinations and all of them are only a few hours from the city center at most. Considering that the city is always sunny in three fourths of the year, you can enjoy every opportunity.

There is great sympathy for foreigners living in the city. This is why living in Turkey as an American is no different than living in any part of the world. You can find numerous activities to engage in. From skiing to watersports, trekking to arts, you will not have a challenging time enjoying your time.

Sunset in Izmir

If you have ever been to Izmir before, then you may already know Kordon. Kordon is a small area, which is full of bars, pubs, hookah cafes, and restaurants. The sunset in this area is mesmerizing and you are going to want to enjoy this scenery every day.

Since the cost of living in Turkey is quite cheap, you can watch the sunset in a different venue every single day without worrying about your budget. Besides the amazing breeze coming from the sea, the songs of the seagulls will sound like a lullaby.

Mussel dishes are some of the most preferred foods that you can enjoy while watching the sunset. We recommend giving it a try. You can grab a cold beer to pair your mussel and maximize your joy.

Boyoz – A Delicious and Unique Taste in Izmir

Living in Turkey as an American will be a fantastic experience for you. Especially in terms of the cuisine. Turkish and Ottoman cuisines are some of the best cuisines in the world. Without a doubt, you can enjoy the best dishes of these cuisines in Izmir.

Just like every other city in Turkey, Izmir also has its own tastes. Boyoz is one of them. This amazing pastry is consumed at breakfasts. You can find numerous stores that offer fresh and hot boyoz early in the morning.

You can consume it together with boiled eggs, tomatoes, and cheese. We assure you it is highly addictive and once you taste it, you are going to want to enjoy it every morning. As the cost of living in Turkey is highly cheap, you can enjoy boyoz as much as you want and still pay less than a few bucks.

Expos in Izmir

Another important part of living in Izmir is the beautiful expos. The city is one of the most preferred cities for different expos. You can visit a different expo every week. Of course, the things that Izmir offers you are not limited to expos. However, we assure you are going to have plenty of good time by simply visiting interesting expos.

You can also find a great amusement park in the area. Living in Turkey as an American, you are going to enjoy your time to the fullest with dozens of opportunities. You should not miss your opportunity to visit Izmir International Expo.

Beautiful Holiday Districts

We have previously shared that there are numerous districts you can visit in Izmir. Cesme, Alacati, Sirince, and Seljuk are some of these amazing districts you can visit whenever you want. In summer, the prices generally increase due to thousands of tourists visiting these districts.

In these times everything will be overpriced but considering the cost of living in Turkey, it will still be affordable for many foreigners. The weather is almost the same during the fall and winter seasons. Once you start living in Izmir, you can visit these areas whenever you want.

We highly recommend visiting these districts in the fall and winter seasons. In this way, you can avoid the crowd and enjoy the natural beauties of the districts at most and without overpriced services. 

Izmir Offers Great Opportunities for Investments

Without a doubt, living in Turkey as an expat has numerous advantages. One of these advantages is about investing. The real estate prices increase every year and in general, the prices are multiplied by two every three or four years.

You can use the currency difference as leverage and own beautiful real estate at affordable prices. It is possible to sell it whenever you want, and you will still be making money from your investment. Moreover, you can also rent your real estate daily during the summer seasons.

One of the advantages of investing in Turkey or Izmir is you will be eligible for Turkish citizenship. Foreigners who purchase real estate worth $250,000 can apply for citizenship.

The cost of living in Turkey is quite appealing for many foreigners and you may not want to miss your chance to benefit from it right now. We believe we have provided a detailed answer to the question of how is life in Turkey for foreigners in this guide.

If you need further assistance in moving or investing in Turkey, you can contact us at any time. We will be glad to provide you with the support and consultancy you need about the decisions you are going to make about Turkey or Izmir.


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