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Istanbul: Being a Homeowner & Living in Turkey's Largest City

Istanbul: Being a Homeowner & Living in Turkey's Largest City

Wed, Jul 27, 2022, 12:43:14 AM

Living in Turkey may be quite an appealing idea, especially when you consider moving to Istanbul. This amazing city has land on both European and Asia continents. It has been one of the populous cities in the world since its establishment. Considering the cost of living in Turkey, Istanbul is the perfect destination in the world.

Therefore, we would like to share a detailed guide about what to expect when you move to this beautiful and historic city. Since 1451, the city has been ruled by the Ottoman Empire and the Turkish government. Today, it is the largest Turkish city with more than 15 million registered residents.

Living in Turkey as an expat is quite easy. Turks are famous for their hospitable culture. More and more foreigners are moving to Istanbul or investing in real estate in the city.

There are different neighborhoods full of residents with a single nationality. Such as a Chinese neighborhood, Senegalese neighborhood, or American neighborhood.

Besides amazing history, nature, and monuments, Istanbul attracts attention with its investment opportunities, diversity, energy, size, and wild nightlife. We are going to discuss all these under private headings to give you an overall idea about the city.

Istanbul, A Great Investment Opportunity

These days, many people are investing in Istanbul. The fact that the Turkish Lira lost great value during the recent decade attracted the attention of many investors. The number of foreigners living in Turkey but especially in Istanbul multiplied by ten.

Living in Turkey as an American is like playing a game in easy mode. You can easily find many jobs such as teaching English as a foreign language. You do not need a valid license or certification to find teaching jobs in private institutions. You can be one of the speaking teachers in schools or universities.

Investing in Istanbul also allows you to get Turkish citizenship without any challenge. If you purchase real estate worth $250,000, you will be eligible to get citizenship and enjoy your Turkish passport. With this passport, you will be able to visit more than eighty countries without any visa requirement.

The cost of living in Turkey is quite cheap for almost every world citizen. Today, 10 Turkish Lira is equal to 1 Euro and 1,3 Dollars on average.

Wild Nightlife in Istanbul

Istanbul is also famous for its wild nightlife. From authentic venues to clubs that never shut down, you can find plenty of entertainment opportunities. In general, most clubs shut down at 4 AM. However, there are clubs that welcome guests for 24 hours.

Districts such as Beyoglu have more than thousands of clubs that appeal to different tastes. If you enjoy the nightlife, then living in Turkey as an American will not be challenging at all. We guarantee that you are going to attend some of the wildest parties you have ever been to.

It is quite easy to find bars, clubs, pubs, or taverns that are going to appeal to your taste on both coasts of the city. In general, the European coast has more clubs compared to the Asian coast.

Istanbul is a Large but Very Large City

Without a doubt, Istanbul is one of the largest cities in Europe. It is currently home to more than 15 million residents. It should be noted that these are registered residents. Experts believe that the unofficial figures reach about 20 million residents.

However, despite the populous texture of Istanbul, you can easily find districts that are surrounded by forests and nature. The cost of living in Turkey for these areas may be above the average but it will still be affordable for many visitors.

You can easily find the perfect place for yourself according to your mood without any challenge. It takes about six hours to travel from one corner to another corner.

Diverse Culture of Istanbul

Istanbul was the home of many famous and prestigious nations throughout history. You can easily find historical monuments and buildings from some of the most powerful nations. Without a doubt, the Ottoman Empire was the greatest Empire that ruled the city.

Just like the United States, Istanbul is also a home for people coming from different nations. This is why living in Turkey as an American is quite easy. You are going to meet people from different ethnic backgrounds.

Turkish people are hospitable people and they have lived together happily with different cultures. This is why Istanbul is one of the best cities in the world where you will not be estranged at all.

You can also benefit from this diverse culture and cheap cost of living in Turkey to start a brand-new life. In this regard, Istanbul offers an amazing opportunity for its residents and visitors.

Istanbul is Full of Business Opportunities

Besides investing in real estate, you can also consider running your own business in Istanbul. Thanks to its geographic location, you can easily export your goods or services and promote them overseas. The Turkish government is offering many incentives to increase the export volume for businesses registered in Turkey.

If you are an entrepreneur, then living in Turkey as an expat will offer you amazing opportunities, which you cannot resist. If you do not have enough funds to start your own business, you can still find many vacancies in international companies.

Although most of the Turks are well-educated and speak English, only some of them are fluent in English. If you believe you are fluent in English, German, French, Russian, or Chinese, you will be hired by national and international companies in Istanbul.

In this way, the cost of living in Turkey will be much more affordable for you. These are all we planned to share with people who wonder how is life in Turkey for foreigners. For the final detail, we also would like to note that Istanbul was the cultural capital of Europe in 2012.

Undoubtedly, you will never feel regret by moving to or investing in Istanbul. If you need further assistance, guidance, or consultancy about living or investing in Istanbul, we can serve you. You can contact us at any time to get detailed information.


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