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Important Mobile Apps You Must Use in Turkey

Important Mobile Apps You Must Use in Turkey

Wed, Jul 27, 2022, 12:43:14 AM

Mobile applications became an indispensable part of our lives no matter in which country we are living. There are also local applications that provide a great convenience for their users for particular destinations. If you are planning to visit Turkey soon and want to learn more about the popular mobile applications in Turkey, then this guide is for you.

20 Important Mobile Apps to Use in Turkey

Here are the top twenty mobile applications that you may want to use during your stay in Turkey. These are the most popular applications that offer great convenience to foreigners in Turkey. Do not miss your opportunity to check them out.

Yemek Sepeti

If you are going to order food in any part of Turkey, then Yemek Sepeti is the best choice. Although there are other alternatives, Yemek Sepeti is the oldest and largest food ordering application you can prefer. Moreover, it serves all around Turkey and in all districts.


Getir is also similar to Yemek Sepeti. Although you can also order food from this application, most locals prefer it to order their market orders. You can literally find everything you would like to order including charging cables, chips, even detergents.


Sahibinden is the most popular second-hand eCommerce store in Turkey. From property sales to rentals, second-hand notebooks to cars, you can find everything you are looking for. While talking about everything, we are literally talking about everything but alcohol or tobacco products.


HepsiEmlak is the second largest eCommerce store in Turkey that offers real estate services. From daily apartments to rentals, second-hand properties to developments, you can find everything here. Both HepsiEmlak and Sahibinden also allow you to search through the map.


If you are planning to buy anything on the internet while you are in Turkey, your first stop should be Akakce. This is a comparison website that helps you to compare the prices of goods or services available on eCommerce platforms.

Hayat Eve Sigar

Hayat Eve Sigar is the official application of the Ministry of Health in Turkey. If you have been to the United Kingdom, it is very similar to the Track and Trace App. You can learn more about the Covid-19 cases, the risk categories of the districts, and get your HES code.


If you are planning to make money transactions, then Papara may be an ideal choice for you. It is a Turkish finance service that allows you to send and receive money from anywhere. However, you need an active bank account in any bank operating in Turkey to use it.


Probably, you already know about Wise. It is similar to Papara but available in many countries. You can easily send and receive money between different countries. It offers quicker transactions that significantly cost less compared to wire transfers or SWIFT transactions.


It may be a challenge to find a vacant taxi or cab in some populous Turkish cities. Sometimes, you may even want to find a cab before you leave your hotel room or home. In this regard, BiTaksi can be highly beneficial. You can call a cab anywhere you like.


Whether you are going to prefer public or private transportation, Trafi can be an ideal app for you to use. It provides you with detailed information about which public transportation you should take to reach your destination.


Moovit is also very similar to Trafi. It also provides you with detailed information about the public transportation alternatives between two destinations. The app includes all transportation means to offer you the quickest or cheapest alternatives to reach your destination.


If you are a fan of electric scooters, then you need to install Marti. Marti is the first electric scooter company in Turkey and is available in all major cities. All you need to do is provide a valid debit card or credit card to rent any of the electric scooters you can find on the streets.


e-Devlet is the official application of the Turkish government, and you can make all kinds of official work here. From signing e-documents to getting certain paperwork, you can easily complete your transactions here. However, you need to be a Turkish citizen to use its services.

Google Translate

Unfortunately, in some districts, you may not be able to find people speaking your language. This will not be a problem in major cities at all for foreigners. However, you may want to have Google Translate on your phone for easy communication.

Sesli Sozluk

Similarly, Sesli Sozluk can also be highly practical. You can translate your words or phrases and let the app vocalize them for you. Both dictionary applications can do the work for you, but we recommend using Google Translate if you do not have any translation apps on your device yet.

Web Tapu

If you are going to invest in property in Turkey, then you may want to use Web Tapu. You do not have to have Turkish citizenship to benefit from its services. Foreigners can easily manage their properties in Turkey with their foreign IDs.

En Yakin ATM

Finding an ATM can be a quite challenging task when you are somewhere you do not know. In this regard, En Yakin ATM can serve you. Its literal translation is The Nearest ATM.

XE Currency

If you are planning to use foreign currency in your shopping, then having XE Currency on your phone will do the work. You may not want to trust locals, especially in areas, which you are not familiar with.


Hesapkurdu is an amazing application that will help you to find the best deals in Turkish banks. Whether you are looking for a loan or planning to open a bank account in Turkish banks, this great application can help you by listing all your options.


Rome2rio is an international app that offers you detailed information about any district or city you are going to search. Besides public transportation, you can also learn more about the available flights, airline companies, and their prices.


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