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5 Must see Attractions in Istanbul in Fall - Royal White Property

5 Must see Attractions in Istanbul in Fall - Royal White Property

Fri, Nov 04, 2022, 12:14:04 PM

Istanbul is one of the most visited cities in the world. After the launch of Istanbul Airport, the city is breaking records by welcoming more than 16 million passengers every year! Besides offering amazing investment opportunities, Istanbul is also famous for its beautiful scenery, especially in Autumn.

To help you to make the most out of your visit to Istanbul, we have compiled the 5 most beautiful attractions/destinations to visit! We highly encourage you to spare a full day to enjoy a day in Istanbul with these iconic attraction points.

Before starting out, we would like to state that there is a famous song called Istanbul’da Sonbahar by a famous Turkish artist. Its literal translation is Fall in Istanbul, and more than half of the population knows the entire lyrics. We wanted to share this fact to emphasize the beauty of Istanbul during the fall season!

So, let’s stop wasting time and check these beautiful attractions one by one without any particular order.

Yıldız Park

Yıldız Park is one of the most visited attractions in Istanbul in all seasons! However, during the fall season, it looks much more beautiful than ever! This great park is located between the Beşiktaş and Ortaköy districts, which makes it located in the center of Istanbul.

It is famous for being the largest grove in the city center and offers the perfect harmony of brown shades in Autumn. As you can visit venues such as Çadır Köşkü (Tent Pavilion), Malta Köşkü (Malta Pavilion), and Kır Kahvesi (Prairie Coffee House), you can also spend your entire day outdoors.

There are many picnic tables you can sit and enjoy the weather during your breaks while wandering in Yıldız Park. If you want, you can even bring your own food and utilities to enjoy a picnic free from the chaos of the city between colorful leaves.

Thanks to its location, you can visit numerous entertainment facilities quickly when you want to end your tour. Although the entrance is free of cost for pedestrians, you will be charged when you want to enter the park with your private vehicle.

Polonezköy (Village Polonez)

If you love to spend time in nature, then Polonezköy will be a great alternative to visit in Istanbul in Autumn. Polonezköy is famous for being the backyard of Istanbul and it is one of the rare areas, where the plantation is protected very well.

However, it is a bit away from the city center and we recommend renting a car or booking a VIP transfer for a quick trip. Here, you can find plenty of restaurants and coffee houses, which can enjoy during the day.

Most of them are located on the hill and offer you an amazing forest view, especially during the fall season. We recommend enjoying a great hiking tour in the area and then enjoying the famous Turkish breakfast to refresh your body and soul.

Moreover, if you love barbeque, you are going to love Polonezköy after witnessing the large number of alternatives you can prefer. If the day will be sunny and warm during your visit, you can also take a quick nap on the hammocks and enjoy your time.

Büyükada (Prinkipo)

Büyükada is one of the iconic places that come to mind when people are looking for a great alternative to enjoy in Istanbul in the fall. You need to take a ferry from Kadıköy, Bostancı, Beşiktaş, or Eminönü districts to get to the island.

The first thing you can enjoy is the delicious ice cream on the island. Later, you can rent a bicycle and explore the island at your own pace. In addition to this, there is a small bazaar located in the island center.

Here, you can find plenty of amazing souvenirs for your friends and family members in your hometown. Thanks to its beautiful architecture, Büyükada will take you on a travel in time and enjoy the famous fall atmosphere of Istanbul to the fullest.

Moreover, you can find plenty of restaurants that offer the finest examples of Turkish, Ottoman, and Greek cuisine.

Anadolu Kavağı (Anatolian Poplar)

Without a doubt, one of the best alternatives to enjoy in Istanbul in the Fall is Anadolu Kavağı and its neighboring areas. First of all, you can enjoy the iconic view of the Bosphorus from the top of the Yoros Kalesi (Yoros Castle).

If you will visit Anadolu Kavağı in the morning, you can take your time at Yoros Café to enjoy the famous Turkish breakfast. This will pack you with the energy you will need to climb the hill. Moreover, you will also enjoy a panoramic view of Istanbul.

Visitors with kids can also enjoy a great time here! There are various wooden swings and delicious treats such as ice cream and waffle your children can enjoy. If you prefer to visit the area in the noon or afternoon, you can also enjoy fresh fish dishes next to the Marmara Sea in Anadolu Kavağı. Even though you may be full, we still recommend giving it a try to fried mussels during your visit.

Later, you can head to Poyrazköy (Village Poyraz), which is within walking distance. You can enjoy a romantic walk on the beach with your significant other. If it is sunny, you can also enjoy a meal at the tables of Poyrazköy fishermen.

Burgazada (Burgaz Island)

Burgazada is another great choice to spend a day outdoors in Istanbul in the fall. It is especially a great alternative if you want to stay away from the horde of people in a metropolitan city. This beautiful island is one of the main topics of famous Turkish author Sait Faik Abasıyanık.

You need to take a ferry to get to Burgazada and spend a day outdoors in nature. Besides local restaurants on the island, you can also find plenty of cafés to enjoy hot or alcoholic beverages.

In general, most people prefer to rent and ride a bicycle during their visit. You can explore every corner of the island within an hour's ride. In addition to this, if you enjoy alcoholic beverages, Burgazada offers one of the best atmospheres to enjoy the traditional Turkish alcoholic beverage raki.

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