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Bargain Property in Turkey

The real estate market and real estate sector in Turkey are very lively. Therefore, it is a good method to own a house for foreign investment in Turkey. Foreign investors acquire Turkish citizenship by purchasing real estate worth $ 250,000 and not selling or committing for 3 years. How do foreigners buy property in Turkey? It is very important for foreign nationals to meet the requirements. They must meet the conditions specified in the land registry law in Turkey. Foreigners who meet these conditions can buy immovable properties such as workplace, residence, and land in Property Turkey firm.

Getting consultancy is very important when investing in real estate in Turkey. Because by getting consultancy services, you will own a house worth the price. We provide consultancy services to people who want to invest in Turkey.  In addition, our company provides consultancy services to those who want to invest by minimizing expenses such as taxes and municipal debt. We fulfill all necessary documents such as work permits, residence permits, Turkish citizenship.

Advantages for Foreign Investors

What are the advantages offered to foreign investors in the real estate market in Turkey? Foreigners investing in Turkey are benefiting from equal opportunities as domestic investors. Direct investment to Turkey must be careful about renting houses to foreigners in Turkey?  In addition, there are many regulations and international protection laws for foreigners. What are the advantages of real estate and getting homeownership for foreigners in Turkey? It is also very easy to obtain a residence permit for foreigners in Turkey to own a house and property. Citizenship is granted to foreigners who invest in real estate in Turkey in return for an investment of 250 thousand dollars. For this, it is necessary to participate in the Citizenship program. In other words, people who want to invest in real estate in Turkey must meet the conditions determined within the scope of the Citizenship program suitable for Turkish citizenship surely.

What to Consider Before Buying Property in Turkey?

What should be considered before investing in real property for sale in Turkey? Our company, which is an expert in real estate purchasing from Turkey and real estate professionals, is to help you. It is important whether there are restrictions on immovable properties such as foreclosures and mortgages. However, a preliminary application is made to the land registry offices for the transfer procedures. No residence permit is required to purchase the property. For the transfer of immovable ownership, it is possible to sign an official deed and registration at the land registry offices. In addition, when you buy yourself and buy a residence in Turkey over 650 thousand TL, you are entitled to a 3-year residence permit as well as your family.

However, it is quite easy for foreigners in Turkey to invest with a residence permit and benefit from the citizenship program. What should foreign nationals do to buy property in Turkey? When foreign nationals buy land or field, they must inform the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization within 2 years of what type of building they will build on it.


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