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Ready December 2024
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Tan Urla

Starting from
$ 310,000

Tan Urla Overview and Details

Tan Urla project bears the signature of Tanyer İnşaat. There are 300 villas with gardens and apartments with gardens on a land of 250 thousand square meters. The houses have large garden areas of 150 square meters and 800 square meters. Within the Tan Urla project, it has housing types ranging from 1+1 to 5+1. Tan Urla project attracts attention with its modern village concept.

 In the project, which will take the stage under the name of Tan Urla, 300 residences will be built. There will be housing options from 1+1 to 5+1 in the Tan Urla project, which will have a land area of ​​250 thousand square meters. Tan Urla project, which will take the stage with the concept of modern village, will make a name for itself with its style. The Tan Urla project will have an open-air shopping center, hotel, sports fields that will serve in the club, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, jogging track, recreation areas, children's playgrounds and 20 decares of woods, which is the most striking feature. In the commercial areas of the project, there are areas such as restaurants, nurseries, clinics, patisseries, boutique hotels, pharmacies, and veterinarians that will facilitate the lives of the residents.

Tan Urla project attracts attention as location features. The project is located 15 minutes from Azmak Bay, 17 minutes from Akarca Beach and Teos Marina, 20 minutes from Sığacık Beach, 21 minutes from Akkum Beach and Denizaltı Beach, and 25 minutes from Urla and Çeşmealtı Beach. The Tan Urla project is being built in close proximity to many such bays and beaches. The project is 10 kilometers from Seferihisar and Urla, 11 kilometers from Çeşme-Istanbul highway entrance, 12 kilometers from Urla State Hospital and Seferihisar State Hospital, 26 kilometers from Dokuz Eylül Hospital, 30 kilometers from İstinyepark, 45 kilometers from Adnan Menderes Airport. kilometers away.

Tan Urla Project Video

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Tan Urla Prices

Property Type SQM Range Price Range
1+1 43-71 $ 310,000 - $ 390,000
2+1 125-170 $ 550,000 - $ 900,000
3+1 Villa 182-208 $ 950,000 - $ 1,270,000
4+1 Villa 237-256 $ 1,190,000 - $ 1,750,000
5+1 Villa 328-336 $ 1,800,000 - $ 1,990,000

Tan Urla Unit Plans


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Tan Urla Location


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