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Fast Facts:
  • Ready June 2025
  • 50% Down Payment + 12 Months Installment
  • Suitable for Turkish Citizenship
  • Izmir/Urla

Ege Yapi Kekliktepe

Starting from$2,228,000

The Urla Kekliktepe project, executed by Ege Yapı, introduces an exquisite collection of 74 detached villas, ranging from 250 to 450 square meters. Sprawled across an expansive 80-decare area, this remarkable project showcases a horizontal architectural approach, offering diverse villa options tailored to meet the unique needs of each family.

Ege Yapı has commenced the preliminary request phase for its highly anticipated venture in Urla, an idyllic district in İzmir that has garnered immense popularity. Nestled within nature's embrace, the Urla Kekliktepe project is slated for completion by the end of 2023. Encompassing detached houses designed for year-round living, this project promises an extraordinary and long-awaited experience of detached house living.

Distinguished by its unrivaled location seamlessly integrated with nature, vast green spaces, and an array of lavish amenities, the project captivates with its surroundings. Here, century-old trees, charming villages, vineyards, fragrant lavender fields, and pristine beaches steeped in history converge harmoniously, hosting vibrant festivals, artistic events, and serving as a haven for gastronomy enthusiasts.

Urla Kekliktepe epitomizes a lifestyle in harmony with nature, offering an array of health-oriented living spaces. Beyond landscaped areas and scenic walking paths, the project features childcare and playground facilities, a panoramic viewing terrace, hobby gardens, tennis courts, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a wellness center, rejuvenating spa zones, as well as pilates, yoga studios, and versatile meeting rooms to cater to diverse needs.

The Perfect Blend of Nature and Luxury

The Urla Kekliktepe project harmoniously combines the allure of nature with the indulgence of luxury living. It boasts an idyllic setting where residents can immerse themselves in a verdant paradise, surrounded by natural wonders and breathtaking landscapes. Simultaneously, the project offers an opulent lifestyle with world-class amenities and services, ensuring a truly exceptional living experience.

Unparalleled Location and Exquisite Surroundings

Situated in the heart of Urla, one of İzmir's most sought-after regions, Urla Kekliktepe enjoys an enviable location intertwined with nature. The project's surroundings captivate with their timeless beauty, characterized by centuries-old trees, picturesque villages, thriving vineyards, fragrant lavender fields, and pristine beaches that bear witness to the convergence of nature and history. Moreover, this enchanting district serves as a hub for lively festivals, captivating art events, and an esteemed destination for culinary enthusiasts.

Unveiling a Lifestyle in Harmony with Nature

Urla Kekliktepe presents an extraordinary opportunity to embrace a lifestyle in harmony with nature. The project features thoughtfully designed living spaces that promote holistic well-being and a deep connection with the natural environment. Residents can revel in the beauty of meticulously landscaped areas, indulge in leisurely walks along scenic paths, and enjoy moments of tranquility in lush gardens. Additionally, the project offers an array of recreational facilities, including tennis courts, swimming pools, and wellness centers, where residents can nurture their physical and mental well-being.

A Wealth of Amenities for a Holistic Experience

Urla Kekliktepe leaves no stone unturned when it comes to providing an unparalleled living experience. Alongside its breathtaking natural surroundings, the project showcases an array of luxurious amenities and services. From child-friendly spaces and playgrounds to a panoramic viewing terrace offering sweeping vistas, every aspect of the project is meticulously designed to cater to the diverse needs and desires of its residents. Furthermore, the wellness center, spa areas, pilates and yoga studios, and versatile meeting rooms ensure a holistic approach to living, fostering a sense of community and personal growth.

In conclusion, the Urla Kekliktepe project by Ege Yapı is poised to redefine the concept of detached house living. Through its seamless integration with nature, luxurious amenities, and a focus on well-being, it offers a truly unique and captivating experience for those seeking an extraordinary lifestyle amidst the beauty of Urla.

Ege Yapi Kekliktepe Project Video

Ege Yapi Kekliktepe Prices

Property TypeBedroomBathSQM RangePrice Range
5+1 Flat Villa53118-149$2,228,000 - $3,110,000
6+1 Flat Villa5+3125-141$2,624,000 - $2,943,000
6+1 Duplex Villa5+3141-155$2,510,000 - $2,832,000
6+1 Duplex5+3122-137$3,113,000 - $3,286,000
7+1 Duplex5+4140$3,495,000 - $3,495,000

Ege Yapi Kekliktepe Location

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